Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How did you meet?

This morning on the radio the DJs were chatting about where couples have met. An article in Glamour Magazine came out this week breaking down the places/ways couples have met. Here’s the breakdown…

38%- School/Work
34%- Family/Friends
13%- Night Clubs/ Bar
3%- Dating Service
3%- Church
1%- Dating Service
1%- Gym
1%- Chance

I don’t know if I should cry or jump for joy after hearing this breakdown. Let’s start with the positive, since it’s good to be positive. I have heard being a positive person is very attractive to the opposite sex. Do you like how I make things up?

Positive #1- I am going back to school next week. There’s a decent chance I could meet someone in class. I’ll be in class two nights a week for a year, that’s plenty of time to meet someone.
Positive # 2- I work at a huge company with lots of single guys.
Positive # 3- 34% met because of friends/family. I have great friends.
Positive # 4- I attend a huge church with a large size singles group.
Positive # 5- I still have a 1% chance of meeting Prince Charming while walking down the street.

Ok, now let’s be realistic! I don’t want to say negative because that is negative, and being a negative person is not attractive. I’m not making that one up; I think it’s true. But I have learned that a single person needs to be realistic; otherwise you’ll be waiting for an overweight fairy to come change you into a smoking hotty, where you meet a McDreamy type guy, and lose one of your new Jimmy Choo shoes the overweight fairy just gave you! Come on, let’s be realistic.

Realism #1- Last week I went to orientation for school. I would have to disagree with my decent chance of meeting someone at school.
Realism # 2- I will not be meeting someone at work, moving on…
Realism # 3- I have heaps of singles friends who do not like to play matchmaker.
Realism #4- I attend church with a large size singles group who are friends with each other. But they are great friends!
Realism #5- I ONLY have a 1% chance of meeting Prince Charming while walking down the street. I have better chances of meeting the real McDreamy on the street!

Good thing I have my Single Trips to look forward to every year! Shoot the rate I’m going, I will see the whole world before I get married. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, because it assures me I will have lots of fun stories for my kids to hear!


Shelby said...

met my husband at church - in Oklahoma no less! :)

Bone said...

What about on the internet?!?!

Oh... was that out loud?

I would say I can't believe you're single, but I hate when people say that to me, so I won't say it to you.

Otherwise, I would think work could be awkward. I mean, what if you breakup? Same thing with church. School would be ideal, because classes typically only last a few weeks/months. Guess I should've looked harder in school.

OK Chick said...

Bone I agree with you on dating at work!

Shelby- umm what church did you meet him at?

TC said...

That's it... I need to go back to school then.


I work with three much older married men, and otherwise, 7 women. And a dog. I don't see any prospects there.