Friday, May 11, 2007

Calling a Doctor

Grey’s Anatomy. It’s on every Thursday from 8-9. I guess if you live on the East Cost it’s not, or the West Cost. Well at my house, which is located in the Central Time Zone it’s on from 8-9. But I’m hooked on this show! I tune in every week to see what is going to happen to my friends in Seattle, usually not much but it’s fun to watch.

Last week I was less than thrilled to discover that the 2-Hour Special was crap. I was mad at myself for sitting through the 2-hour episode. I could have been doing laundry or mowing my yard, but no I sat there waiting for something life shattering to happen. It’s like a bad car accident; you don’t want to look but you are so intrigued that you keep looking. After last week’s crap it was important that Grey’s be amazing…otherwise I would be flipping over to CSI. Hey, I like the Grey’s but my boys in Las Vegas are pretty dang entertaining. I can always count on them to have something life shattering.
I’m happy to report that Grey’s was worth the hour of my time I wasted. I guess it's never really a wasted hour. I mean I get to watch him....


cmh said...

How has Grey's jumped the shark. Let me count the ways:

1-When Lizzie cut the L-Vat wire and wound up killing Denny.

2-When Lizzie and the rest of the interns refused to tell on each other and none of them were told to pack their bags.

3-When Lizzie quit because she couldn't handle getting attached to patients anymore and then was later re-hired.

4-When Denny really was a millionare who left all his money to Lizzie who killed him.

5-When George married his girlfriend, who also is a millionare, after she slept with everyone else in the hospital.

6-When Grey "died" and was visited by the dead cop who blew up after removing a homemade bomb out of a person's chest cavity.

Honestly I quit watching this show last year and have only heard about some of these stupid plot lines. I quit watching after this:

7-All the guy doctors went on a camping trip. While fishing the trout filled rivers of Washington they chose to use rod and reels over fly rods...

OK Chick said...

I abmit the plots are silly. I was pretty bored at the beginning of the season, but things have picked up. Nothing will top the bomb episode from last year.

Krista said...

cmh has a point there with #6. I hated the episode where Meredith died. It was dumb and boring. I did, however, really enjoy the 2-hour special last week. I like how they introduced the spin off show. It has a good cast and looks as though it may actually be good.