Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Birthday PP

Sunday was the Postcard Puppies Birthday. It was one year ago, Canada Travis found them at the dumpster. I cannot imagine life without these two.

Seriously, these dogs are the cutest sleepers!!! 

Both dogs love Tiny Tank! 

I couldn't ask for better guard dogs. When they're around no squirrels enter my backyard. 

Happy Birthday Postcard Puppies!!!'


ann said...

Life is better with dogs! Happy birthday pups!

Renee Nefe said...

Happy Birthday pups! I need to look into another squirrel chaser. Lilly tries, but she just isn't up to it as much as she used to be. She'll be 14 this Sept.

OK Chick said...

Renee- sounds like you need to borrow my pups!

Ann- So true!!