Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Friday, I announced I was shaving my head! Well, today I'm here to report what happened over the weekend.

Let's start with Friday. After all my errands were ran, I planned to visit my local Supercuts for the head shaving. Folks, I'm here to tell you that saying you're going shave your head is way easier than actually shaving your head. I'm not going to lie, a few tears were shed before walking into Supercuts. However, God provided me with an angel at Supercuts. She sweetly suggested a pixie cut. Done!

I loved my cute pixie cut. It was easy to fix, made my face look skinny, and I felt sassy. It was a win. 

But, all good things must come to an end. Sunday after church, I went back to Supercuts for the shave. This time no tears were shed. I was ready and it was time. I have not taken a picture of my #2 buzz shave. You can use your imagination. Although, it looks similar to this....

I'm not ready to be around people with no hair so I'm full wig/hat mode. Yesterday, was my first time to wear my fancy wig. It went well. Most people assumed I'd gotten a new haircut. Here's a picture of my new wig. 

Overall, I did what needed to be done. I'm proud of myself. It's not easy to shave your head. Also, it's not easy to walk into work wearing a wig. All of these life events are making me one strong woman!!!


Renee Nefe said...

You are #badass! And you're gonna kick cancer's butt too!

Your wig looks awesome. You did a great job matching your hair color and skin tone.

ann said...

Demi ain't got nothing on you- much more badass! I'm glad you went at your own pace and had an angel there. And the wig is gorgeous!

Damon and Amy said...

You are definitely one strong woman! Cute wig and glasses too!

OK Chick said...

Awww thanks guys. This was the encouragement I needed today!

Victoria said...

You ROCK! And you look great!!!!