Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chemo Dropout

Last time we spoke, I'd just completed my first round of chemo and things were good. I'm afraid the good feeling was short lived. A few hours after I posted Spa Day, things quickly went down.

Thursday night/Friday morning, I was declaring myself a Chemo Dropout. I was shivering, my body ached, and I felt a bit dizzy.  After a second dose of one of my medications, I decided it was time to move on to another medication. While going to get water and medicine I passed out. I hit the back of my head on the tile floor in my kitchen. Once I came to, I crawled back to my room to call Sister #1.
She immediately answered her phone and rushed over to my house. God bless Sister #1!
Not only did Sister #1 give me the medicine I was after, she also took me to the ER.

My four hour ER visit was full of crazy fun! Don't be jealous.
I mean, who doesn't consider getting 1 staple fun? You guys can thank Sister #1 for this pic. Even in my terrible pain, I still had enough sense to know my Blogger Friends would want to see the staple. In addition to the staple, the doctor gave me an IV and Potassium pills.

The following days have been a challenge, but nothing like the first night. I've had bone and joint pain; which is getting better each day. Folks don't worry, things are starting to look up. However, I feel like we started from the bottom!!!!

In other news, Tiny Tank is coming to see me soon. How cute is this little guy?


ann said...

No shame in starting at the bottom. I'm so sorry you had that scary experience, and I'm glad you're ok. Your attitude will keep you going far. You have lots of love from the internetosphere. And Tiny Tank will help. :)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, girl! I'm so sorry. I've fainted a bunch of times in my life and it always stinks when you hit something. Now you know the feeling (hopefully) and can avoid that happening again!

Renee Nefe said...

Unfortunately, I know too many people who have or are going through Chemo. Hugs. I'm surprised that the doc didn't suggest that you get someone to camp with you through this. :( Praying for you kiddo.

OK Chick said...

My dr said Day 4 would be my worst day. But I'm an overachiever, and skipped right to day 4. Besides, it would be too boring to just do chemo! I needed to add flare to my chemo. :)
After the fall I've had 24 hour care.

Renee Nefe said...

When are doctors ever going to learn that everyone is different? sigh
Glad you've got someone to watch over you.

Damon and Amy said...

Yikes! Things can only get better, right? So sorry chemo has not been kinder to you.