Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Founders of Sunday Night Dinner

Sunday Night Dinner started when Sister #1 was still in college. As a recent graduate, I knew the campus could be somewhat depressing on Sunday evenings. The campus was empty and cafeteria food was questionable. Therefore, Sunday Evening Dinner was founded for Sister #1 and her friends: 

I adore each of these girls! I have great memories of cooking dinner for them. They were gracious enough to eat my crappy/burnt dishes, and daring enough to try my made up dishes. They had guts! 

This weekend, The Founders reunited for a wedding. One of their own got married. 

The Founders have grown up to be exceptional women!!! I'm so happy I was able to cook for them. They were the start of a great tradition.


Unknown said...
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Sister #1 said...

We loved your dinners and i still love the yummy food! -sister#1