Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Number 81 is the amount of new recipes I've tried in the past ten months. I challenged myself to try 100 new recipes. I didn't put a timeframe on this, but I'm certain I'll complete my challenge in 1 year. I've kept a running list of all the recipes on my phone. A more organized person would have blogged about each recipe, or kept a photo album on Facebook. I'm not that'll have to be happy with the list. 

Many of the recipes were tried during Racecar Woman days; so you haven't been kept in the dark too much. But since I'm a great blogger I have a few additional pictures to share. 

Grasshopper Pie

Banana Bread

It appears, I literally only have a few pictures. Sorry guys, I thought I had more pictures you haven't seen. Anyways, here's to another 19 recipes I'll be trying out!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I would love to hear back from you your top ten favorites when you are finished!

OK Chick said...

Oh great idea!! I'll be sure to post my Top Ten favorites.