Friday, July 17, 2015

Freezer Meal Society

Last night I went to another meal prep party. I'm all about saving time and good food! If you can put those two things together, you've got me sold!
One of my dear friends hosted this party. I paid her $40 to attend. The money paid for all the spice rubs, spices, and a few other pantry items. Also, my friend emailed everyone a menu, organized grocery list, and instructions on preparing food before the party. Here's the menu:
How good does that sound??? Yummy, if you ask me. 

Last night, I showed up with all my groceries ready to prepare 8 meals. Here's my prepping station:

All of the meals feed 4-6 people. Since I'm a party of 1, most days, I ended up making more than 8 meals.  

I walked away with about 16 meals. Of course, all meals will provide leftovers for me. 

I think this ended up being a great deal. My groceries/supplies cost $100, plus the $40 I paid my friend. $140 for 16 meals is a good deal!!!

I cannot wait to try these delicious meals!!!!

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