Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Highlight from Memorial Weekend

I LOVED having Monday off. I vote we have every Monday off!!! Who's with me?

You guessed it, the races were canceled this weekend. Again. But I suppose it would be difficult to drive on this: 

Since there was no racing, the weekend was spent shopping! My favorite purchase is a bit dorky, so don't laugh. 

I invested in a new lunchbox. My new lunchbox can keep contents chilled all day. This was a huge selling point because I no longer have to use the stinky work fridge anymore!! Woohoo!!!

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Bone said...

That's awesome. The lunchbox, I mean. The rain, not so much.

I was thinking we should have a four-day work week every week, but was debating whether we'd want Monday off or Friday. If we take Monday, then Tuesday becomes the new Monday, and they have to re-film "Office Space" to replace a case of the Mondays with a case of the Tuesdays. So probably Friday would be best.