Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crock Pot Meal Making

A few weeks ago, I attended a Crock Pot Meal Making Party. My friend KC hosted and organized this party. If you are not familiar with the idea allow me to explain....

The idea of the party is to prepare 10 crock pot meals at one time. I paid KC $40 to attend the party. In return, KC selected the meals, bought the ingredients, and set everything up to prepare the meals. The day of the party, I showed up to her house ready to prepare all 10 meals. KC set up her kitchen with 10 stations. I moved from station to station adding ingredients to a freezer bag. All of the meals feed a family of 4-6. I should add that KC did not provide the meat for the meals. 

Since I'm a family of one, sometimes two if CT is in town, I asked The Sisters to split the cost with me. We split each meal three ways; which is plenty of food for one person. 

 Friday night we got together to split the food. Here are pictures from the evening. 

Preparing to split up everything. 

Almost finished dividing everything.

The Sisters food. 

This whole experience was perfect! Ten prepared meals is a huge help! It only took 45 minutes at KC's house, and another hour on Friday night. 

KC did a great job selecting the menu. Here's a list of some of our meals:
BBQ Spareribs
Lemon Garlic Pork Chops
Honey Garlic Chicken
Hawaiian Chicken
Asian Pork Roast
Adobo Chicken

Everything sounds delicious!!! Blogger World if you are ever invited to one of these parties...GO! You will not be sad. 


Renee Nefe said...

I should do something like this for when kiddo has tech week. It would be nice to not live off fast food. Course it would help if I had a larger freezer. ;)

Michelle said...

I need to do this......so fun!

OK Chick said...

Yes you should Michelle! It's right up your alley.

Bone said...

Lemon garlic pork chops sound really good.

I think you should post a review of each recipe as you eat it.

Or just start your own cooking show on Food Network.

Lori said...

So how does this work? Usually crock pot meals take a long time to cook, so do you have raw ingredients that you freeze and that later have to go into a crock pot with added meat and cook? It sounds very fun!

OK Chick said...

Thanks Bone!

Lori- I have all the ingredients for each meal(meat included) in individual bags. Right now, everything is in my freezer. When I decide to cook a meal I pull a bag and contents in the crockpot. Most of my meals take about 3-4 hrs to cook on high setting.