Monday, December 22, 2014

Shrimp and Grits

Last night, I tried another new recipe. I made Shrimp and Grits.  A few years ago I spent a long weekend in Gulf Shores, AL. On that trip I had my first taste of Shrimp and Grits. It was delicious!!!! 

When I found this easy Shrimp and Grits recipe I knew I had to try it out.  In my opinion, my Shrimp and Grits were just as good as what I tasted in AL!
This was my first time to prepare shrimp and grits. I was worried one or both would turn out wrong. I must say, both ingredients were simply to prepare. 

If you are looking for something new to try I recommend this dish! I found the recipe on the Food Network's website. 


Renee Nefe said...

It looks like you have some bacon in there too. everything is great with bacon! :D

OK Chick said...

Ha! My Sunday Night Dinner crew agrees with you!