Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 3

Day 3 didn't start out full of excitement like Day 2. In fact, Day 3 started out slow. Canada Travis and I must have been tired because we slept in until 9am. 

Breakfast was breakfast burritos with leftover brisket. Our morning beverage of choice was hot chocolate. It was mighty tasty. 

Most of the morning was spent in the swing. I read my book and Canada Travis had to do some work. 

The excitement of the day came after lunch. We went back to our fishing hole, and Canada Travis caught us a fish! 

We named him John Doe #1, because he could not stay long enough to show us his ID. Before you know it, John Doe #1 was back in the water with his friends. 

Right now we are working on dinner. Tonight is chili night. Yum!!


Renee Nefe said...

wow! sounds like you're eating well.

OK Chick said...

Yes, the food is excellent!