Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 1

Canada Travis and I decided it would be fun to document our camping adventure. Ok, I thought it would be fun. Canada Travis could careless if I blogged about our camping adventure. However, this is my blog so you're getting a play-by-play of each day. You are welcome Blogger World!

First thing we had to do is set up our new home. 

It's still hot here in Texas so we spent some time in the shade. I read my book, and Canada Travis read the news.

Sitting in the shade didn't quite cool us off so we hiked to the river. The water felt very nice on our little toes!

That's all for Day 1. Right now it's dinner time, and there's nothing like campfire food! Until tomorrow....


Michelle said...

The first and last and only camping experience I ever had was Mexico Mission Trip with Edmond....the one when it rained for 3 days....pretty much ruined any further camping I'd ever even think about doing....I keep trying to pawn Cooper off on someone to go camping. (Cause he wants too....)

Renee Nefe said...

I would have put the tent in the shade. Hot tents are miserable.

Hope the rest of your camping is great.

OK Chick said...

Michelle- cooper can cone w/ us.
Renee-the picture was taken in the middle of the day. The tent does ok the rest of the day.