Thursday, October 16, 2014

And it continues

Well, I'm still in between jobs. I thought this week I'd receive an early release notice; which means I wouldn't be required to show up for work. I'd have to be available by phone, but not come into the office. However, this did not happen. Therefore, I'm still showing up to work. The good news is I just show up. No work is being done from my cubicle. In fact, sometimes I don't even open my email.

Despite still having to come into the office, I am enjoying my free time. Here are some highlights from the past few days....

This massage chair is on display at my local Bed Bath and Beyond. I'm not ashamed to say I sat in the chair for 5 minutes.  I spend enough money in that store to take advantage of a free massage.

Ebola Watch:
I spend a good portion of my day watching the news. Yesterday, I had to notify one of my coworkers that the newest Ebola patient flew from Ohio to Dallas. She flew to Ohio the same day the lady flew to Dallas.  

Each day this week I've met a friend for lunch. A new person each day. It's been very fun, and I've eaten some great food!  

I've attended many classes over the past few days. So far this week I've attended five classes. Today, I'm just going to attend one class. However, if the mood strikes me I might boogie on to the next class. You never know with me.

I'm going to wrap up this post. I've been at work long enough. It's almost time for my next lunch date.


Michelle said...

Your job stuff is cracking me up, but it seems like you have a good attitude about it....I'd be going nuts on the other hand!

OK Chick said...

I'm just trying to enjoy my time off.