Monday, March 10, 2014

Back to the real world

Tomorrow I go back to reality. The real world awaits me. In my opinion, the last day of vacation is always the most depression. There's nothing worse than leaving a fun vacation to go back to work/bills/housework/taxes. However, when you're extremely jet lagged you really don't know which way is up and you really don't care because you're just so freakin' tired! Hopefully, the next day or two I'll be back to a normal schedule. Until I'm back to normal here are some pictures from my trip...

This trip made me realize how much I love fresh juice! The above picture is carrot apple juice, which is delicious and everyone needs to try carrot juice. favorite juice while in China was orange juice. I started each day with a big glass of orange juice, and it was hands down the best orange juice I've ever drank. EVER! 

The second day we wondered around Shanghai's Financial District. This area of town was my favorite part of Shanghai. 

I really wanted to ride one of the boats, but I was vetoed.  

WiFi booth. Why is this not here in America? Brilliant.And while we're at it, why don't we have heated toilet seats here? Seriously, what is the hold up on getting heated toilet seats in America???
Night view of the city. Shanghai is a very pretty city, night or day. 

The reason for Canada Travis and I's trip to China was to visit this guy. He's been living there for quite a while, and we decided it was time to pay him a visit. This was my first time to meet Michael but we hit it off. Canada Travis and I appreciate Michael taking the time to show us his great city. We would have been lost without his assistance. It's great to have friends that live in fun cities! 

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