Friday, January 24, 2014

OK Chick Appleseed

Last Friday evening, Sister #2 and I made Applesauce. I'm still on the fence of whether this makes us awesome or losers. I choose awesome because I'm a positive person.

I wouldn't be a blogger if I did not take pictures of making Applesauce.  Now I am going to warn you, I'm not Pioneer Woman. Therefore my pictures are not great, because I do not take beautiful food pictures. In fact, you should always keep that in mind when viewing food pictures on this blog. Ok, since we've covered that disclaimer here are the pictures...

Step 1
We put 8 pealed/cut apples, brown sugar, water, and lots of cinnamon is this beautiful red pot.

Step 2
All the wonderful mixture from Step 1 cooked for about 25-30 minutes on medium. Folks, this mixture smells divine. Your kitchen will smell like heaven. HEAVEN I tell you!

Step 3
After the apples start to look mushy, we moved the apples to a new bowl to begin mashing. Step 3 could have been done with a food processor, but I'm lazy. Have you guys tried to wash a food processor? It's like 20 parts, the parts are odd shaped, and it takes up tons of room in the dishwasher. Needless to say, I felt like this was a fork project.

Step 4
When the mashing was complete, Sister #2 and I poured all the Applesauce in cute mason jars. I did this because I have a large amount of mason jars in my kitchen, it made me feel like I was Pioneer Woman, and it made me feel like I was canning something.  

Folks, making Applesauce is very easy and cheap. It cost $3.55 for this project, and look at all the Applesauce! If you are interested in making Applesauce I recommend you hop over to PW's blog. She listed actual ingredients with measurements.


Renee Nefe said...

making applesauce has been the plan for a while here, but unfortunately between the hail, the birds and the yellow jackets I rarely get even one apple from our tree. :'(

But if ever we get a good year, I'll make some. because my kid will eat every drop.

ann said...

Very cool! I've wanted to try making it, but haven't yet. You might inspire me! And yes, washing food processors is THE WORST.

OK Chick said...

Renee- you are so lucky to have an Apple tree. I hope you have a great crop this year!

Ann- I'm so excited I inspired me. Please let me know how it turns out.