Monday, January 13, 2014

Food Favorites

Blogger World, I come to you with an empty stomach. Right now, I'm so hungry! But it's that weird in-between time. You know what I'm talking about? It's not time for the next meal, but there's not enough time for a snack. You understand, right?

Anyway, to distract myself here's a list of my newest favorite food items. I haven't posted a list like this in awhile. Well let's be honest, I haven't posted anything lately. 

I've rediscovered my love for hot chocolate. This is what happens when you're snowed inside and cannot drive to the nearest Starbucks. I mean, I could have hiked to Starbucks, in the snow, but I'm lazy. What? It's the truth! 

My love for hot chocolate has directed me to these marshmallow bites. Have you guys had these? No? You need to buy some immediately! 

Back in April, Canada Travis bought a huge bag of gummy bears. At the time this did not phase me because I'm not really into sugar candy. But one day the gummy bears were laying on the cabinet and tried one. ONE GUMMY BEAR LED TO AN ADDICTION!! I love these little guys, and now I keep them in the house! 
Saturday, I finished the last of my gummy bears stash. It was so sad. I don't have a grocery store trip planned for another couple weeks. 

And just so everyone doesn't think I sit around drinking hot chocolate and eating gummy bears all day; I'll  throw in a fruit. Who doesn't love the baby oranges? They're so cute. 

So here's my unhealthy food list. Please don't judge...


Renee Nefe said...

my go to snack when it isn't snack time is nuts...almonds specifically. I keep them around just for that purpose.

but I just finished off my birthday bag of Turtles candy. YUM

Bone said...

I HATE in-between time. I usually just go ahead and have a snack anyway. What can I say, I live on the edge like that.

OK Chick said...

Renee- Nuts are a great snack. I'm a fan of almonds for a quick snack.

Bone- Normally, I do the same thing but I was trying to be strong on that day.