Monday, September 16, 2013

The Saturday I went to two football games

Saturday was one for the books. This is the first time I have ever attended two college football games in one day; hence why I said it was a day for the record books.

My morning started off in Norman, OK watching OU. My dad had an extra ticket to the game and I was the chosen sister to attend. I'm kidding. Sister #1 did not want to go and Sister #2 had to work. I was the chosen sister by default. Whatever, I got a free ticket.

My dad and I had a fun time. The game was a blowout. I received an awesome one arm tan, and walked about 5,340 steps; which is 600 less than how many times I heard Boomer Sooner played by the band.

The highlight of the game was seeing Blake Griffin. Yes, him and his brother were at the game and sat right beside us.

OR we were 54 rows apart. You know, in a big old stadium everyone is one big row! One big happy sweaty family.

Moving on...

After leaving Boomer Sooner Land it was back home to watch the first home game for UCO!!! Sister #1 and I are season ticket holders...kind of a big deal.

Ok, so we are not a big deal for being season ticket holders. Our season tickets cost $35 and parking is free. UCO is a much smaller college compared to OU; much smaller.

No famous people were in attendance at the UCO football. Oh wait, I take that back. A group that sat behind us were part of the 1998 football team, which was the greatest football season UCO's history. Well, according to the man who sat behind us. He said they had an undefeated season, but were cheated out of the championship trophy. The man thought he was hot stuff. Sadly, he was not.

As you can imagine when Sunday rolled around I was tired and ready to rest.

WAIT... I have one more piece of football news...I won my second fantasy football game. My record is 2-0. WOO HOO!!!


Renee Nefe said...


Glad you had a fun time.

Bone said...

Wow, I think we may have more people in the crowd for high school games here than UCO does. Come on UCO fans, pick it up! Gotta come out and support your.... Cowboys?



OK Chick said...

Bone- I agree! It's really sad, which is why Sister #1 and I support UCO. Oh...and they're the Broncos.