Thursday, May 2, 2013

The 5 things you should know....

1. Rapper, Chris Kelly, dies at age 34. You probably know him best for being the Kriss in Kriss Kross? You know...Kriss Kross will make you want JUMP JUMP! Nothing? Really? Come on, it was popular in 1992. How old are you people?

2. In 46 days I'm going to the beach; which means I have 46 days to turn flab into fab...and learn how to surf. Folks, miracles do happen! 

3. My parents are happy. Friday they retired as college tuition payers.  I know my alma mater is sad to see them go.

4. It's snowing in my great state. Yesterday, it was over 80 degrees and today it's 40 degrees. Weird.

5. Recently, Martha Stewart signed up for It's reported she's already received many request. DUH! Does this surprise anyone???

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Bone said...

Which beach are you going to???