Friday, December 7, 2012

Four Things Friday

Four Things I'm Eating This Week:

1. Tassimo Chai
I love seeing my morning friends at Starbucks. HOWEVER, I cannot afford a daily Starbucks habit. This is  why my Tassimo machine and I are such good friends.

2. Chicken
I've eaten chicken every night this week. It's easy, tasty, and cheap.

3. Jello Chocolate Pudding 
Tuesday night I made myself a batch of pudding. Normally, I'm not a huge chocolate pudding fan but Tuesday night it sounded great.
4. Greek Yogurt
Folks, I'm a yogurt eating machine. I eat yogurt everyday. I'm not being dramatic. It's packed in my lunch everyday.


Michelle said...

my tassimo machine was my bff too....until it stopped working

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Ha! YOu remind me of my Grandma...she would eat yogurt in the middle of the night!