Thursday, September 13, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

It's that time again, when I list my favorite things. It's kind of like Oprah's list, but without all the free stuff. Ok, so maybe it's not like Oprah's list. Anyway, on to my favorites....

The Great Food Swap
A couple months ago, a few friends and I decided to swap casseroles. Each one of us selected three recipes and made enough for each person in the group. I'm hopeful we'll do this again. It's nice to have frozen meals already prepared.

Steep and Cheap
I am a sucker for a bargain. Steep and Cheap is a website that is constantly showcasing bargains. I love it!

The merchandise that appears on this website is geared more to outdoor activities. It's not uncommon to see brands such as: North Face, Mountain Hardware, Oakley, and Columbia. Great deals for great items.


First, I upgraded my cable package. Now, I have Netflix. Folks, I don't even recognize myself anymore. Who am I? I've had Netflix for about two weeks, and I think I'm in love. It's so great! Why didn't you guys tell me I've been missing out?


This is a reoccurring favorite. Fall is my favorite season. I love everything about the season.

Luna Bar
After Fiber One bars stopped filling me up, I had to find something with more substance. My parents introduced me to Luna bars, and we've been friends ever since. This summer I discovered Peanut Honey Pretzel. It's so tasty. It practically taste like a candy bar. I highly recommend this bar!

Well Blogger World, this concludes my list of favorites. As always... love it or hate it, I really don't care.


Michelle said...

Hmm that bar sounds good! I may have to try it!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

That's what I was thinking too...I need to try Luna. I have had a few Cliff bars this summer and they have some interesting flavors!

Renee Nefe said...

Any chance that you'll share those casserole recipes? Unfortunately, I've got a growing list of folks who need meals due to illness or surgery. :(

OK Chick said...

Renee- I'll try to get you some recipes soon. I can scan them to you next week.