Thursday, April 26, 2012

OK Chick the Artist

Blogger World, one thing you should know about me is I do not have an artistic bone in my body. I'm being serious. I'm horrible at arts and crafts. In kindergarten, I couldn't master cutting a straight line. It's so bad, I can't even correctly complete paint by numbers. I say all this to stress that I'm not a crafty person, and I have never advertised that I was a crafty person.

Please imagine my surprise when KC emailed an invitation to join her for a painting class. I practically laughed. Actually, I might have laughed when I read the email.  But I decided I needed to give arts and crafts another try. Who knows I might have aged into a brilliant artist?

Tonight's task in our painting class was to paint an Oklahoma Sunset. It seemed easy enough. I figured we'd paint some clouds, a setting sun, and maybe a tree. Oh no. We free handed multiple colored clouds, a barn, rolling hills, and foliage. Now before you look at my painting remember I can't cut a straight line.So you can't judge!
Truth be told, I'm actually kind of proud of my painting. It turned out pretty good. Well, as good as expected from a girl who cannot correctly complete paint by numbers. Ok, stop laughing. 

There is one thing that I absolutely hate in the picture. Please view the red box, bottom right....

Any guesses to what I was going for with that object?  The correct answer is... an oil well. We were suppose to paint a windmill, but I didn't feel I was a windmill type of girl. I'm more of an oil/gas girl.

Overall I had a great time. Thank you KC for inviting me. We may not be artist, but at least we can have fun.


Michelle said...

I think it looks fab! I like it! I really like that you put an oil well in it instead of a windmill, totally appropriate!

Renee Nefe said...

This is totally different than what we saw last night on Facebook! I would have never guessed that this would be the final product.

I have to say that I really like it!

Bone said...

Ahahahaha! I was thinking, why is there a star on the ground?

The rest of it is pretty good though!

Bone said...

Ahahahaha! I was thinking, why is there a star on the ground?

The rest of it is pretty good though!

OK Chick said...

A star! HAHA! Yes, it does look like a star.

dj said...

good job!