Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hollywood News

I feel it's my duty to keep everyone informed. Not just with my life, but the lives of my famous friend. Folks, it's news that's happening around the world! Also, I think it's important to discuss important/current topics. Such as this one....
I found the picture worthy of discussion because it's a picture of Dick Van Dyke cutting his wedding cake. His lovely bride is 40 year old make up artist Arlene Silver. They were married on Leap Day, which I find extremely odd. Why would you get married on a day that only comes around every 4 years? Weird.

In the article, on People.com, the actor's publicist is quoted saying this about Dick's new bride..."It's a really nice relationship, most people like her a lot."
If I were Mr. Van Dyke's bride I'd be a little annoyed. I sure wouldn't want someone blabbing to the world that most people like me!


Renee Nefe said...

wow I would be really miffed if I only had an anniversary every 4 years...what if Dick doesn't even live that long?

Cap'n John said...

Imagine if 2016 arrives and Dick forgets his anniversary?

Maybe the "most people" comment means everyone who has met Dick's wife likes her a lot, and those who don't simply haven't met her yet.

Maybe Dick's publicist meant "most people (except Dick) like her a lot."?