Wednesday, February 15, 2012

VDay Recap

First, my evening started out with a healthy, yet very tasty dinner at Subway. In case you were wondering, I had a turkey sandwich with lots of vegetables. I told you it was healthy. Oh and the best part about eating at Subway was I used my Subway gift-card. It was a double score, healthy and a free meal!

Of course, being that yesterday was Valentine's Day I could not dine alone. A fellow blogger, joined me for this fine meal. Blogger World, have you met Amy? She's fun. Obviously, just look at this picture. Doesn't it make you want to be friends with her? I know!
After dinner, Amy invited me to her Zumba class. It was my first time to attend a Zumba class. You guys know I'm a loyal Jazzerciser. But folks, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Dancing is fun! So whether you are shaking it at Zumba or at Jazzercise, you are getting a great workout. Last night I had a blast shaking it while sweating out calories. Zumba is fun!

So maybe I didn't receive flowers, chocolate, or the dang cookie bouquet. I still had a great Valentine's Day. But... if anyone wants to send me a cookie bouquet, I'd be down with that present! What? Don't judge me. You know I'll Jazzercise it off.


Renee Nefe said...

sounds like a great Vday!

Here things were pretty quiet until Hubby came home.

He presented us with cards & candy...I got Turtles! <3 :D I gave bags of Dove chocolates.

We had a quiet dinner of spaghetti and later had more birthday cake. ahhh

Michelle said...

That sounds like fun....although I don't think I'm currently in a position to take up Zumba, seeing as I can hardly get out of bed currenly...hahaha

Wa Wa Waughs said...

That sounds like fun to me! Glad you enjoyed the day. Our society places way to much emphasis on some of these holidays! We stayed home and ate some leftover homemade soup. I have to admit I enjoyed the surprise balloons from my husband. We boycott Hallmark by writing our own birthday, mother's/father's day, valentines messages in a blank book, so that's what you saw on my blog.

It is fun to deliver goodies anonymously to people though! That is what my Core group did. We did sign it" from MRCC high school girls" so people wouldn't be afraid they were poisoned or something!

Bone said...

I forgot I had the same birthday as Renee's hubby!