Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today is Thursday. Today is also Read in the Bathtub Day. I believe today is also a Ramblings day. Enjoy...

Next month I'll be turning 31. This isn't a milestone birthday. Truth be told, it's kind of a boring birthday year. However, I want to celebrate turning 31. I want to start year 31 off with a bang. I read on that Justin Timberlake celebrated his 31st birthday by going to Canada. Obviously, I will not be following in Justin's footsteps, since I went to Canada in December. Suggestions are welcome on what to do for my 31st birthday.

You've Got Mail is one of my all time favorite movies. It just makes me smile. I think movies should make you smile and feel good about life.

During the Super Bowl halftime show Sister #2 made a comment to my family. She said... Madonna is like your Lady Gaga. Excuse me! In 20 years, do you think we will be singing Lady Gaga songs? Heck no!

This week my hands have been extremely dry. It's weird.

Last month I bought an iPad 1. I'm still trying to figure out how to use the stupid thing. The learning is a working progress. I feel like an elderly person trying to figure out email.

Last weekend I went to a Toni Braxton concert held in one of the local casinos. Alright, please look past the fact that I attended a Toni Braxton concert. The important part of my first sentence is it was held in one of the local casinos. You want talk about good people watching! Blogger World, it was unbelievable! I loved it! Seriously, it was 100% better than Oklahoma's State Fair, which is saying a lot. Folks if you are ever bored, I highly recommend you hit up the the casino in El Reno, Oklahoma.

So, Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes. Does this really surprise anyone? You know I love me some Paula Deen, and I wish the best for her.

I sure wish Southwest would stop sending me emails about their fare sale. Due to my recent back-to-back-to-back vacations I will not be going anywhere for awhile. Their emails, with beautiful pictures of the beach, are making me want to book a flight to Florida. And I can't afford Florida!

I sure wish would stop sending me emails about local singles that want to meet me. Number one, I did not sign up for How in the world do they know who would be my perfect match? I do not think Jim, father of 2, with no job is a perfect match! Oh good Lord, did my aunt sign me up for I just thought of this. She is always trying to find me someone to date. I better ask her about this stuff.

On the note, I'm going to end this Ramblings.

Over and out


Renee Nefe said...

wow! You're awfully chatty this week. I better go get my coffee. :D

ah, that's better.

Hummm for my last milestone birthday we didn't do anything for it...except that I made myself a cheesecake and a nice dinner. But for the milestone birthday before that I went ice skating. That was fun. I would suggest that you write down some things that you would really like to do or that you enjoy. Perhaps another concert with people watching?

Ya know I think I would have to agree with your sister about Lady Gag-gag. Back in the day Madonna was quite the eyesore but she sang some pretty good songs. And while I don't mind GG's songs it's just her image that I don't approve of. Will we still sing them in 20 years? I don't one thought that we would still be singing "Ice Ice Baby" either.

Congrats on your iPad. Don't give yourself a hard time about learning it. For the longest time I wanted a laptop and now that I have one, I prefer to use the desktop. I've tried to use my phone and nook for internet and they're too much trouble. And when I borrowed my friend's iPad I was quickly frustrated with the keyboard as I was trying to order my lunch and every time I moved to the next field the keyboard went away. grrr!

I guess you wouldn't want to unsubscribe from Southwest, but you could choose to not read those emails right now. And send the stuff to your spam box. :D

Michelle said...

I get emails from all the time, little do they know I am "happily" married with 2.8 kids....2.8, cause it's not really a .5.....hahaha

I don't know why people are making a big deal about Paula Dean, so she needed time to adjust and figure out how to handle it, I think that's great.

Do you want Cooper to come show you how to work the IPad, Maddie could probalby help you out too....

OK Chick said...

Yes I need Cooper's help!!!

Amy in Edmond said...

Jemma and I are going to Savannah, GA this summer. We are going to eat at Paula Dean's restaraunt.

I'm not a very exciting birthday person, so I have no suggestions.