Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A few of my favorite things

Do you realize it's been months since I've posted an updated favorite things list? It's true. I'm really falling behind with the blogging. I apologize. To make up for lost time, here is an updated favorite things list. Love them, hate them, whatever.

1. Snow
Where is the snow? Oklahoma has not been blessed with a single snow storm. Instead we've been blessed with temperatures in the 60s. I know, I shouldn't complain about temperatures in the 60s, but I like winter. I like my seasons. I'm a firm believer that winter should have winter temperatures. My allegories agree as well!
2. Stonewall Blueberry Jam
If you have not tried this jam, you must. It's simply the best in the world. It taste like fresh blueberries from Maine. True, I have no idea what fresh blueberries from Maine taste like, but I'd like to thing they taste like this jam.
3. My New Slippers
Normally, I am not a fan of overpriced slippers. Now, overpriced work shoes, running shoes, causal shoes...yes. While skiing, Canada Travis and I found ourselves in a pickle. You see, we needed to turn in our ski boots, but we did not bring shoes to wear back to the hotel. Our options were to walk around in socks or buy overpriced slippers. I voted for the slippers because the ground was cold, and I didn't want to get sick. Blogger World, I can safely say I made the right decision. These are comfortable!
4. My 1992 Dell Laptop
Ok, so my laptop is not from 1992. I'm being dramatic. It's actually the laptop I received when going to school for my MBA, back in 2007/2008. A few weeks ago, my laptop died. The Staples IT guy tried to save her, but she had a virus and there was no hope. RIP Dell laptop.

5. Bebe Chapstick
Bebe Young Care is sold in Europe; and despite my best efforts you cannot purchase it in the US. Six years ago, I went to Europe and brought back lots and lots of Bebe chapstick. Currently, I'm on my last tube and foresee no hope of replenishing my stock. I'm having a hard time parting with my last tube.
Well there you have it, my updated favorite things list. As I said earlier...love them or hate them.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Don't you hate it when a product you LOVE is no longer available/made? Guess you just need to make a trip to Europe again.

Never have tried that jam but that picture makes me want to!

Tess Varner said...

Hey stranger....just so you know, you can buy Bebe on Amazon. It's ridiculously overpriced ($10ish with shipping) but for those of us who got spoiled in Europe trips with OC, it's worth every penny! Hope you're doing well! I just ran across your blog a few days ago and I've enjoyed it. - Tess Varner

OK Chick said...

Hey Tess! Thanks for commenting. Hope you are doing well too.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting in Tulsa at my computer, and realized how much I miss feeling winter and snow while looking outside at our sunny 65 degree weather. So, I googled winter images and your photo from this post showed up. Such a small world - two Okies - lamenting our lack of snow! Here's to a great storm this winter!