Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to make me smile

It is no secret Paula Deen is my cooking hero. In my opinion, she is a real southern woman. She cooks with butter. She made the term ya'll more tolerable. She believes cream cheese, heavy cream, and oil are staple ingredients for any good recipes. Bottom line....she's a fun, witty, butter cooking machine that makes millions off her recipes. What's not to love about this woman?

Yesterday, my coworkers gave me the best Christmas present. They gave me a Paula Deen recipe book/journal, which I love. However, that's not the cool part. You guys, it is signed by Paula Deen. Not just stamped with her signature. No, it's really signed by her! Hands down...coolest thing!!! Thank you coworkers!!! This is my I love you guys.


Wa Wa Waughs said...


ann said...

Very awesome! Good job coworkers! You should try her fudge pie. I've made several this season. They're easy and to die for. Merry Christmas!

Renee said...

How sweet y'all!
I'm wondering how many of her recipes you'll actually make though. ;o)

I've learned how to make many of my favorite recipes a bit healthier, but there are many more that I just say ta heck with it and we just eat them not so often.


Michelle said...

This is amazing!! Great co-workers!

Bone said...

Lemme know if you need a recipe sampler.