Monday, November 7, 2011

Bad case of the Mondays

Blogger World, are you experiencing a bad case of the Mondays?

I have found that this helps.
However, if your boss/company is not down with you destroying office equipment, may I suggest this idea.
Leftover Halloween candy is sure to cure any case of the Mondays.



Wa Wa Waughs said...

No, but I am having trouble getting going!

Renee said...

we already ate all of our candy. :( I need to see if we can buy more.

Bone said...

I had two bite-size Butterfingers today.

Also, next time we hang out, we are watching Office Space.

Amy in Edmond said...

Sorry we didn't come by to trick or treat. We go to the president of the school boards house. We have done this for years. She has food inside for all who come. Then the kids just trick or treat on her street.

Since Will didn't play much this year, I didn't get with you to go see a freshman football game. They had only 2 losses for the season and were Edmond City Champs.