Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Memorial Weekend

My Memorial Weekend was good. No, it was great. I took off Friday. Four day weekends are way better than three day weekends. In picture form, courtesy of Google, here are some of my Memorial Weekend events....

A Movie
You might think this movie would be stupid, because that's what I thought. But it's not. I'm not lying. It was actually really good. Sister #2 and I enjoyed the movie. By the way, Paul Walker is still cute!
Arts Festival
I went twice.
Blogger World, you know I love me some pool time. Sadly, this is not the pool I visited. Mine didn't have palm trees, or little hut things, and there were about 20 kids running around.
Fast and the Furious
Since we saw Fast Five, I felt that Sister #2 needed to see the first movie of the series. After she watched this movie, she understood why I was so shocked Fast Five was good. However, Sister #2 and I decided this summer we are going to watch all the Fast and Furious movies. I'll be sure to keep you posted on this Summer Goal.
Peppermint Ice Cream
I had an ice cream date. Ok fine, maybe it was a date with a tow year old. But whatever, I'm still counting it as a date. His mom paid for my ice cream.
I went to class everyday. Someday, I'll look like this lady.
Carpet Cleaners
I had my carpets cleaned. It needed to be done.

Well, there you have it folks my Memorial Weekend.


Bone said...

He paid AND you met his mom? Yeah, that's definitely a date.

I know I always considered it a date anytime I paid, even if the girl wasn't aware it was a date.

Renee said...

I think the whole dating thing would be a lot easier on both parties if everyone just spoke up and was truthful. This whole "is it really a date" think is silly.

Nice weekend!
For my weekend we planted flowers, and got the veggie garden ready AND we attended a Rockies game (too bad they lost...miserably!) oh well

Stacey said...

The current man in my life is 3...and it works well. He's always happy to see me and does whatever I say. ;o)

By the way, the picture of the carpet cleaning guy looks like Lance West.