Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Letters from OK Chick

Dear KC,
Thank you for dinner last night. You are wonderful! I appreciate that you shared your homemade broccoli soup with me. I really appreciate that you brought me the homemade broccoli soup. I'm so lucky! Let's face it, if it wasn't for your soup I would have had tuna fish made with nonfat Greek Yogurt.

OK Chick

Dear Starbucks,
Thank you for serving me even though I know you weren't technically open yet. I also appreciate that you honestly answered my does this outfit match question. I realize this question is annoying during normal hours of the day, but at 5:45am I can't even imagine. It's not your fault that The Sisters traumatized me.

#1 Customer

Dear Dad,
Thanks for filling up my car this weekend. You are an All-Star Dad. I promise when you and mom get old, I will take care of you!

OK Chick


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Awwww....pretty sweet letters! I will have to try tuna with Greek yogurt sometime. I usually just choke it down with some sweet relish.

ann said...

I am inviting you to a FB event you might find amusing.

Renee said...

aww! I think you can be trusted to dress are the older sister.

Gena said...

Next I would like to see a 'thank you' installment similar to Jimmy Fallon's. (complete with music and dramatic pauses)

Bone said...

Hey, I was just watching the NBA playoffs. Do you realize they chant your name sometimes during the Thunder games?

"O-K-C! O-K-C!"

Pretty awesome.