Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

Blogger World, every once in a while I like to provide you with a list of my favorite things? Why? Well, I feel that if a product or service is good, consumers need to spread the news. It's the Marketing degree coming out in me. We always hear about the bad, but rarely the good. This is my chance to applaud the good. Therefore, I give you my updated list of my favorite things...

1. Starbucks Mini Vanilla Scones
These little things are quite delicious. Also, since they are mini they don't have as many calories, which my butt and thighs love. Of course, that theory is blow out of the water when you eat three, or four.

2. White Collar
Have you guys seen this show? I highly recommend it! Here's a brief description stolen from IMDb: A white collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter and racketeer. The show comes on USA, which is not part of my 25 channel cheap cable package. However, this great website called Hulu, allows me to watch it for free, which is why I have the 25 channel cheap cable package.

3. Beef Stroganoff
A few weeks ago, my friend Paul made this for me. It was my first time to have Beef Stroganoff, and folks it was tasty. I have been craving it ever since I had the tasty dish. I am mostly adding this as a favorite for a begging plug. If anyone is planning to prepare Beef Stroganoff for dinner, please remember me. Please.

4. Airports

Most people hate the airport, but not me. I enjoy a good airport. In fact, the bigger the airport the better. I actually have a list of favorite airports. I don't have the list written down or anything. It's just stored in my head; with the other worthless information I have stored. Minneapolis and Denver have the #1 and #2 spot on my list. They have plenty of restaurants, clean bathrooms, and great people watching. I have a whole rating system for airports. I'm not kidding on this.

5. Coupons
Blogger World, coupon clipping has become a hobby of mine. To be honest, it's been a hobby for awhile. It's so addicting! I seriously, get a thrill of seeing how many things I can get for free or practically free. Don't believe me. Ask my mom, I pretty much call her after every grocery store visit. Coupon clipping is addicting. You should try it. I bet if you would get hooked too. I mean, who doesn't love to save money?

6. Groupon

Folks, if you are not signed up with Groupon, shame on you! There is no excuse for not being signed up on the website. No excuse! The website is free, until you buy a Groupon, and they offer great deals for restaurants, stores, services, or activities around town. I can't even count how many great deals I have bought on Groupon. Really, you need to join Groupon. Everyone in America is doing it.

Well, here's the list. Love them, hate them it's up to you. But for crying out loud, please sign up on Groupon!


Julie M. said...

You and I share a lot of favorite things. I grew up on beef stroganoff; my mom would probably make it once a week. I love the stuff! Airports I could take or leave though. Interesting choices for your top two. My brother lives in Minneapolis. I'll have to ask him what he thinks! :)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Never tried those at Starbucks and I think I'll just forget you said that...I don't need any food there to tempt me! Just my nonfat, nowhip, hot chocolate!

P.S. I got a free pkg. of Kraft Mac N Cheese when I was couponing at Homeland today!

Renee said...

I buy a lot of store brand items so coupons don't work out so well for that...I suppose if I could figure out how to get brand name items for free I would do that.

I think that the Denver Airport is pretty good compared to some of the others that I've been to, but I'm not a fan.

Have you tried the stroganoff at Noodles? It's pretty good, but I like mine better. :D

thisgirlsjourney said...

Talking of airports, how would you rate JFK to transit through? I am looking at rewards airpoints to Miami and one of the flights goes via JFK. Not exactly direct to London but I can live.

LAX is a living hell so I don't have a high opinion of US airports :-)

Auckland airport is actually pretty nice, they have native birdsong and a bush type area when you arrive which is lovely when you come back home. They also just got a MAC counter so I'm even more excited about flying now, of course. If only I didn't have to sit on a plane for 24 hours.

Gena said...

Guuurl, I am so with you on the mini scones, airport, and groupon. Have yet to buy a coupon, but I know the day is coming. Especially if it's one for a bag of vanilla mini scones at Sbucks.

TC said...

Oh airports. I have such a love/hate relationship with it.

Ally said...

I'm planning to make beef stroganoff soon...but the kind out of the box--Hamburger Helper! I had it once (my first time) in college and liked it, so I'm trying once again.

Nice work with the coupons! I love a deal.

Amy in Edmond said...

I dont' go to Starbucks because I don't drink coffee, but I may have to go to try the scones.

OK Chick said...

Oh my goodness Amy they are so good! Also, Starbucks has other great drinks. I do not drink coffee either.