Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What you've missed

The past couple months have been a bit crazy. I know, I tend to be a bit dramatic on this blog, so I get that you are probably doubting me. However, the past couple months I didn't even attend aerobics. Yup, no Jazzercise. See, I told you things were busy. But with all that said, I did manage to do a few fun things. Here is what you missed when I wasn't blogging.

1. I discovered that for 29 years, I have been abbreviating etc wrong. All these years I've been writting ect. Go ahead, laugh.

2. I bought a pair of skinny jeans, and they looked goofy on me. Goofy! I'm afraid the skinny jean style is not for me. I'm ok with this.

3. Sister #2, my parents, and I went to a Thunder game. We sat behind Jeff Greene's mom. No joke. I have a picture to prove it...
I made Sister #2 take this picture. Jeff Greene's mom is proud of her baby. Of course, if my baby was making millions of dollars I would be proud too. By the way, she was sporting some MAJOR bling.

4. I passed my Finance class.

5. Next semester I will not be taking another Finance class. I'm not giving up, just taking a break.

6. The day after I took my Finance final, I went to Dallas to celebrate. No trip to Dallas is complete without a visit to Sprinkles.

7. My dad and I ran a 5K. I was proud to see that I still knew how to run a 5K. I was starting to worry about my physical fit abilities. As you can see from the above picture, there wasn't much working out going on the last couple months.

8. Pepper and I had a Come to Jesus Talk because she discovered the art of unwrapping Christmas presents.

Blogger World, do not be fooled by this cute innocent face. If you had to clean up William Sonoma pancake mix, you would be angry too.

9. Starbucks finally realized I'm one of their best customers. To show their appreciation, they sent me a Gold Card, which in theory sounds awesome. Until you realize it's basically a gold gift card that you are responsible for maintaining. But, this special Gold Card sends me coupons for free drinks and free bakery items. You know I love coupons!

10. After two months of being part of the "cool kids club" at Starbucks, I lost my Gold Card. I was upset! Thankfully, the balance was zero, so I didn't lose money. But don't worry, Starbucks has already sent me a new card, and I have already used it two times.

11. Cox cable took away the channel Bravo. Need I remind you that I have cheap cable, $11, and I only received 26 channels. Now, I only get 25 channels. I'm telling you, the day they take away Lifetime I'm walking!!! You realize this means I cannot watch my Housewives? And I'm not even going to mention the fact that I will not be watching Rachel Zoe, my favorite designer Jeff, Top Chef, and my matchmaker hero Patti. Nope, not even going to mention this!

I believe this is all you have missed. I have a feeling that life will be back to normal pretty soon, which means more post on- running, food, travel, lack of dates, and Jazzercise.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I remember why I like you and your posts...we are a lot alike, except I've been married forever...well it feels like it sometimes. So insert transitioning slowly to an empty nester :( and we're twins, pretty much.

OK Chick said...

Wow thanks. I take that as a huge compliment!

Scotty said...


Michelle said...

NO TOP CHEF???? Come on Cox, I get Bravo in the middle of yourself a favor and switch to AT&T! Okay so sign up today for the half to only pay $60...and yes let's keep each other motivated, I'm going to need it. Next time I'm in Dallas I'm going to have to try sprinkles....maybe we should go together as a reward after the run!

Bone said...

Haha. That #1 was hard to top, I must say.

I was trying to think of something that might make you feel better. Oh! I got it. The first couple of times I saw that Kevin Bacon commercial where he's a fan of himself, I didn't realize the guy was Kevin Bacon.

Renee said...

my DD tried on a pair of skinny jeans and they looked horrible...she is skinny. We believe it's another attempt of clothing designers to try to make us look stupid.

my cable company keeps taking away my channels too. I believe this is their way to try to get me to pay more for a larger package. But if they take away any more I will just go without. We don't watch enough TV to pay more for it.

Stacey said...

I was in mourning when they took away the TV Guide channel. It had actually gotten to where it was worth watching. Stupid Cox!

Anonymous said...

$11 Cable! OMG! I'm moving.

Amy in Edmond said...

Are you sure they didn't move Bravo to a new station number? That's what they did on our cable.

TC said...

Wow, I can't believe you didn't attend Jazzercise!

But no, you can't tell from that or any other photo 8-)

OK Chick said...

Amy they moved Bravo to channel 65, but I can't see it on that channel either.