Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Please excuse the random absence in posts.

It wasn't you.

It wasn't even my good friend Bone with his month of Blogust.

Actually, there is no excuse. Well, besides me being busy at work, after work, and the extra minutes in between. But who likes excuses? No one, that's who.

So, I want to get everyone caught up on what you've missed, in my life, the past couple days.
1) Sister #2 has been staying with me.
We've had great bonding time. I introduced her to trashy reality TV. She's not a fan. How could you not love Rachel Zoe and Flipping Out? I'll give you Bachelor Pad and Housewives of DC, because those are kind of stupid but Rachel Zoe?
2) I streaked Saturday night.
It's kind of a summer tradition. Of course, this isn't your traditional streak. I'm always fully clothed, which you might consider not even streaking but it's called a streak. Saturday night, I ran The Midnight Streak. See, I told you it was called a streak. It's a fun race, a hot race, but a fun one.
3) Last time I blogged, I was attending a Mamma Mia Sing-Along.
Sister #1 and I went to the sing-along. We had a blast. We sang Abba with everyone, and laughed at the grandmas who danced. I'm for real. There were some grandmas that would put me to shame! I tried to capture the greatness with a picture, but my $30 phone does not have a top quality camera built in the phone.
4) I know there's something else I should tell you.....
5) Saturday, I saved over $20 (with coupons) at the grocery store.

Ok, so apparently there were only a few things you missed the past couple of days. I promise, soon and very soon my life will get exciting again.


LB said...

I want to be like you in your coupon ways. I'm impressed and need to be better, especially since I just laid down some dollas for new running shoes. I just wrote an entire post about them!

I baked oatmeal blueberry muffins, aka O'BB Muffs. The recipe is also on my blog. I have been so good about blogging this week and it's already Wednesday!

Julie M. said...

Well $20 bucks is $20 bucks I always say! Don't be a stranger, we miss you! I'm glad that Abba was good, I absolutely love their songs!

It sounds like everything is going well for you. That's what I like to hear!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I am curious about #4...

OK Chick said...

I kind of just went blank. I thought there was more to tell. I guess not.

Renee said...

thanks for the update. I am glad to hear more of the details about the streak. LOL

I love saving money...course I wonder if it is really considered saving when I know the one store puts price tags that are way higher than they even intend to sell the stuff for out.