Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Blogger World,

Please do not be mad. I'm not ignoring you. A real post is coming soon. Until then, I want everyone to enjoy the last bit of summer fruit. The past two weeks I've been on a peach kick. Every morning I've been slicing them in my oatmeal. I even tried putting peaches in my milkshake. It turned out awful. I had to chunk the milkshake. Don't mix peaches in your milkshake, fyi. But you know, peaches in a milkshake could work for you? Who am I to judge? The point of this worthless post is to remind you that summer is almost over, and pretty soon all the wonderful fruit will be only in LA and Florida. BUT, get excited because ice storms and snow storms are in the near future. It's almost as exciting at tornado season. I said almost.

Now that I have depressed everyone, have a wonderful night. I promise to never write a post at night again.

Ok Chick


Cap'n John said...

I would think Peaches would work in a yoghurt smoothie. Of course, you might find yourself wasting more delish peaches and a quart of yoghurt to test that out.

OK Chick said...

You know, I thought it would be good in a milkshake for that reason! Cap'n John I'm glad I'm not crazy.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I froze some home grown peaches from my in-laws after we got tired of eating them. Now you've got me ready to make a peach pie! Of course that would have to happen on my one "splurge" meal this week!

Renee said...

We went to a friend's house for dinner once and she had made peach ice cream. I have to say it was not something I would go for and I love peaches. :p

Sorry to hear that you're so busy, I hope your schooling is going well. and boo for the impending snow storms.

Michelle said...

Heck Yes! The last time I stepped foot in Anthropologie was 4 years ago in Vegas, my dad was there, I was super skinny from all my running, and my birthday was just around the corner! Need I say more? Oh I take that back, we went when we went to NYC last summer. But the time before was better....a/k/a my dad was there! Still, I heard rumors it was coming, but didn't believe it I saw the signs and the construction on the store. They have good sales!

I'll have to tell my mom how awesome you are!