Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tour De OKC Food-Stage I

Welcome to the first Tour De OKC Food. If you are completely confused go here to read about Tour De OKC Food. Normally, I would make everyone wait for you to catch up, but not today. I need to push forward. Today could be a long busy day.

The first stage of Tour De OKC Food was Big Truck Taco. This was my fourth attempt to dine at the new trendy dive. Thankfully it was a successful attempt. Seriously, I've tried three other times to eat a freakin' taco. The line was always out the door, and you know I have zero patience...kind of like you guys, so let's move on to the pictures.

Fellow Teammates:My fellow teammates were Land of the Hogs folks along with The Parentals. Do you notice all the people in the background? It's a happening place, and we went at lunchtime, on a Saturday. Now, can you imagine this place on a weekday at noon? See, why it took four attempts?

The Food:
Ok, I'm going to tell you something very important. Are you listening? No, are you really listening? You need to try the guacamole. HOLY CAT FIGHT! It's incredible. It taste fresh, and has the perfect amount of seasoning. Some places make it too salty, which I hate. Some places make it creamy, like you are eating green mashed potatoes, which gross. Not Big Truck Taco. They make it chunky. There are huge chunks of avacodo and tomatoes. Love it!

I ordered The Rancher, which is slow-braised brisket with sauteed mushrooms and onions, HQ potatoes and escabeche (pickled relish). It was good. I have to be honest, the taco did not knock me off my feet. However, I think it was due to my ordering error. My recommendation is before you go, study the menu. This will eliminate the oh-my-gosh-look-at-the-line-I-have-no-idea-what-I-want panic feeling. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this feeling? Right. Anyway, I can't complain about the taco because everything was perfect. The meat was tender, the tortillas were warm/soft, the potatoes were a good combination with the brisket, and the veggies were seasoned perfect-not too hot. It was a good taco, just not the taco for me.

Extras Kilometres:
Big Truck Taco isn't a huge place, as I've said. It is an old Sonic transformed into a trendy restaurant. The place has character, but not much seating inside. However, lots of seating outside. If you take a large group that want to sit inside, you might have to stalk a table for a few minutes. I'm cool with stalking. Well, stalking tables.
The service was super fast. I was worried I'd eat my right arm before I had my taco. Not the case. I left the place with both limbs.

Overall, I give BTT a solid 8. My experience was good.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, I'm a fan of chunky guacamole too! I'll have to remember that when we get down there.

Julie M. said...

Holy cat fight! That taco looks amazing and I can almost taste the guaco from your description.

You are seriously making me miss decent tex/mex. Great post!