Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey Soul Sister

You know, I kind of like the song Hey Soul Sister. It's just a catchy happy song. Please tell you agree?

Well folks, last night was a terrible Gary England evening. It didn't even rain. Home of the Cowboys (Stillwater) did have some excitement up their way. But since, I live 40+ miles from Stillwater I saw zero excitement. The highlight of the evening was when Gary yelled at the camera guy to pay attention. It made me laugh.

In other news, the answer to Three Truths and a Lie was number 2 and 3. It wasn't meant to be a trick. Don't get mad at me. I had planned to attend aerobics, make the pancakes, and not run 5 miles. But I didn't make it to aerobics, due to work, and I did not have eggs to make the pancakes, so I had to run 5 miles. In my opinion, the whole evening was just a blow. Actually, that was the night Sister #1 brought me hummus from Denver, that was exciting.

In other other news, Pistol Pete is still sending me Facebook messages. I guess that's good? We don't email everyday, but it's pretty consistent. I'm not for sure about this guy. I don't understand why he hasn't asked me out? I'm getting tired of sending messages back and forth. His emails are long and full of questions so I don't think he's just being nice. But again, why hasn't he asked me out? Why are we still emailing? I don't get it. I'm confused. I'm sending an SOS out.

Blogger World, I must end this post. I have to consume lunch. Today's hottie is a celebrity chef, since we were talking about food. Fine, I was talking about food.

Curtis, if you are reading this post, please come fix me dinner. And, I wouldn't be sad if you didn't wear that Cowboy tie looking thing. It does look goofy. Thanks!


Emily said...

We love Hey Soul Sister at our house. My kids jam to all the time.

Gena said...

'Hey sister soul sister, blah blah blah blah blah blah.' Can you please tell me the words that should be in place of the blahs? I think my Friday could be a lot better if I could sing this song all day.

Julie M. said...

Maybe ask Pistol Pete out for a casual thing first? Like say a cup of coffee or something? You have more patience than me. I'd be banging down his door by now. Maybe that explains why I didn't have more dates in high school and college. HA.

Renee said...

perhaps Pistol Pete has been pistol whipped too many times and he's a bit gun shy. sorry for all the puns.

I would ask him out for coffee/tea and see if he shows up.

Bone said...

And, I wouldn't be sad if you didn't wear that Cowboy tie looking thing.

Now that was funny.

TC said...

It is a good, catchy song. I just get annoyed when EVERY station has it on when I'm in the car. I can only handle it so many times in one hour of channel flipping.

Pistol Pete needs to grow a pair I think.