Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have nothing to wear

This morning was rough for me. It started out a normal morning. I woke up on time, and I didn't fall in the shower. I've actually never fallen in the shower, but I guess anything is possible at 5:35am.

No, this morning I couldn't find anything to wear. Guys, right now I know you are rolling your eyes at me. However, this is common for every female. It really is, and you know it's common. But in case you are new to the female world, let me enlighten you on how a female's mind works, in this scenario.

1. We try on an outfit
2. Examine the result
3. Feel that we look fat
4. Say a bad word
5. Throw the outfit on the floor/bed/closet
6. Repeat this process five times

This morning I experienced steps 1-6. FYI...this is not a good way to start your morning.


LB said...

I was just thinking to myself that I am tired of the only clothes that make me look skinny. Now I'm trying to debate if it's cheaper to buy new clothes or just lose weight? Hmmmm...

Renee said...

sounds like it's time for a shopping trip!

Hugs on your bad morning.

TC said...

I have to respectfully disagree.

I just wear it anyway. I'm too tired to change five times.

Bone said...

I recommend doing laundry less often.

Much less.

Then your decision is made for you. You just wear whatever is clean. Or whatever is least dirty, as the case may be.