Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hello Blogger World! I'm coming to you live from Hometown, USA! I took the day off work due to a dentist appointment and an orthodontist appointment- both appointments are in Hometown, USA. Before my dentist appointment, I thought I'd post something.

I just went through the worst pain at the orthodontist. My bottom teeth are not moving fast enough, so my orthodontist decided to take matters into his own hands; and saw my teeth. Folks, they actually have a device that fits between your teeth and it saws your teeth. Who in the world developed this sawing device? I want it noted that I hate this person!

Does anyone else's scalp get dry during winter? Why does this happen?

My parent's Christmas tree is the prettiest tree I have ever seen. It's 10ft tall and full of cool ornaments.

Why do people with British accents sound cooler than everyone else?

Recently, I went to a Starbucks and found five good looking guys standing in line for drinks. After some careful examining I found that all five guys were ring less. HA! What are the odds? One of the five was standing in front of me and started chatting with me. After some small talk I discovered he was there for his weekly bible study, with his other friends. In my mind I'm thinking...WOW five hot single guys meeting at Starbucks to study the bible! However, in response to one out of five's explanation all I could say was...SHUT UP! Yes, go ahead and stamp SINGLE FOR LIFE across my forehead.

I need a new toilet. Mine is broken and just needs to be replaced. I don't want to spend my money on a toilet. I want to buy something more glamorous, like...well anything besides a toilet!

I sent out my Christmas cards early last week. I have only received four in the mail. Should I be concerned or do people not send out Christmas cards anymore?

This year marks year #28 without a Christmas date. I have this silly dream of going on a date with someone during Christmas. I want to go ice skating outside, drink hot chocolate, and look at Christmas lights.

Blogger World, I'm happy to report that last week I successfully folded a fitted sheet. Another life long goal accomplished!

My mom does not put names on our Christmas presents. She assigns different color wrapping paper to each of us girls. She does this to try to cut back on someone, me, trying to look at the presents early.

All About Steve was the worst movie I saw last year. Do not buy All About Steve for anyone!

Ok, I'm done Rambling, it's time for my dentist appointment.


Renee said...

that was great rambling! and what is with the teeth sawing??? ouch! Now I don't want to take DD to the Orthodontist. Poor kiddo she's got a mouth full of messed up teeth. AND we didn't get dental coverage this year for our insurance. :P

So perhaps you should remember this bible study and sit nearby studying. ;) I'm sure cute guy who talked to you might give you another chance.

and re: Christmas cards...I'm picking mine up from the printers today...we just got the last picture taken for it yesterday. Hopefully I'll get all of them finished by this Saturday.

Cap'n John said...

The drier scalp during winter has to do with the humidity level (I think). During summer, when it's more humid, our bodies don't dry out as much. We sweat more and can dehydrate if we don't drink plenty of fluids, but our skin doesn't get as dry because it's humid...if that makes sense :)

During the winter it's a lot less humid than during summer so the air has a lot less water in it. Through the process of osmosis we then lose water in our cells and skin to the surrounding air, which has very little water. In other words, the less humid, drier winter air sucks the moisture out of our bodies. And as we're mostly covered up during winter, except for our heads unless we wear a cap, our head & scalp is where we lose most of our water from so the skin on our head dries out.

That's probably a lot more information than you needed to know :)

Stacey said...

Well, if you don't get a Christmas card from me, don't be offended. I had every intention of sending them out this year since I didn't have time last year...well, again running out of time. New Year's resolution...write Christmas cards in July to be mailed in December.

Anonymous said...

My mom caught us sneaking a peek at the presents under the tree one year, so she fixed us up good the following Christmas. She NUMBERED the gifts!!! And only she had the matching list! Needless to say - we didn't open presents early ever again. LOL
Merry Christmas!

TC said...

I have this silly dream of going on a date with someone during Christmas. I want to go ice skating outside, drink hot chocolate, and look at Christmas lights.

Why is this silly? I have the same dream.

Anonymous said...

congrats on figuring out the fitted sheets.


Bone said...

I always wanted to go skating in Rockefeller Center around Christmas. And if a girl with a British accent was involved, I wouldn't complain.

Ally said...

Your mom is smart! That's a great idea.

And my tree is 10 feet tall, and I love it.

My scalp does a flaky/dry thing when it starts to get cold. I find that if I scrub it a bit harder it helps...and I guess my scalp is use to the heat/colder weather b/c it's stopped now.

I'd go by the same Starbucks at the same time after Christmas :)

Amy in Edmond said...

I haven't sent out my cards yet. I don't even have them printed yet. The sad thing is I had the pictures taken in July.

Have you considered getting a different Orthodontist. The procedure sounds awful.

OK Dude said...

Yeah, I did not do cards this year.

Yeah, I have taken a few awesome dates ice skating. It is a lot of fun, except the last time, I fell and hit my head and got a mild concussion! I am not Brian Boitono. I tried the spin jump thing and didn't quite make it off the ground! I woke up to 6 or 2 little girls standing over me asking if I was OK. They were in a glowing haze.

You should probably go to that Starbucks at that time and day every week, and read your bible!

You should have told me you were in our HOMETOWN USA! I was home all day enjoying being done with finals on my couch watching tv all day!

Michelle said...

You didn't like All About Steve, I thought it was funny, not even a little funny for you? And since we are homeless, we have not even taken a picture to send out christmas cards with, I plan on sending out cards sometime soon, especially since we know what we're having, tba