Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They have arrived!

Yesterday I was rooming the isles of Target, while drinking my Nonfat Chai, when I found these wonderful cookies. SIDENOTE: Why is it when I enter Target I feel the need for a Starbucks drink? I do not need a $3 Chai to help me buy apples and toilet paper. Actually, I find myself wanting to buy groceries at Target, because I know I can buy myself one of those stupid drinks! This is just another example of why I think Starbucks puts crack in their drinks.
ANYWAY, back at me rooming the isles at Target. I was killing time at Target when I found Tim Tams. I was SO excited. I immediately picked up 2 packages; one of me and one for my parents. My mom is a big fan of Tim Tams. I highly recommend that EVERYONE try these wonderful cookies. If you cannot find them in your Target let me know, I'll send you some. I'm being for real, I feel that strongly about the cookies.


thisgirlsjourney said...

Wow, the different packaging throws me but I am so glad you can get them.

From when I ate dairy I used to like the double coat chocolate ones, hope you get those oneday too. They seem to release a lot of different flavours all the time.

Renee said...

those look good! I'll have to see if I can find them at my Target when I go in search of the potatoes they told me were on sale...I can not believe that my grocery store is gouging folks for almost 3 times the price!!! sigh!

Cap'n John said...

Different packaging because they're Pepperidge Farms, not Arnott's, but according to my mate who's already consumed a packet they are pretty much the same biscuit (unlike Fosters Lager which is brewed in Canada under the supervision of CUB and it NOT the same Fosters you get Down Under.)

Don't forget to nibble the chocolate off opposite corners then use the Time Tam as a straw to drink your milk or coffee. Note that if you're drinking hot coffee (or tea) this way you must consume the Tim Tam almost immediately due to the hot liquid compromising its structural integrity. But oh Man! They are sooooo good when you eat them like that.

Kelly T said...

Can I just pretend that I looked for them and didn't find them so you'll send me some for free? That would be awesome.