Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stupid People

Boots with the fur, the whole club was lookin at her. Right. I'm assuming it was a cold day.
This morning I was watching the news and they reported social networking sites are not making people more isolated. Actually, it appears to be the complete opposite; the more sites you have (Facebook, MySpace, Blog, ect) the more friends you have in real life. Also, if you post pictures on your social networking sites you have even more friends! Blogger World, what a sigh of relief. Here I thought I'd turned into this weird social outcast because I enjoy reading blogs and stalking old friends from college. I guess that's normal!

Sister #1's place of work is having a Thanksgiving party. Instead of having their normal pot-luck style feast, they have decided to change things due to the Swine Flu. This year, they are going out to eat. Umm yea?

Have you ever sat on an airplane and thought to yourself....I wonder if the emergency chute really works? No? Me neither. However, just because you and I have never had this thought doesn't mean other people have not ponder the question. For example, Moreno Tavares Lizason pondered the question so much, that while waiting for take off, he decided to test the chute. He discovered it works. Now, he can ponder something else while sitting in jail.

MSN is reporting one of the reasons you might be tired is because, you are working too many hours at the office. SHUT UP...that wears you out! Here are some of MSN's suggestions to help de-stress yourself...
Build in pleasure throughout your day
open all e-mail jokes and pass them on, flip through a magazine, call a friend, daydream, waste time, play Twister with your kids, buy a CD and play it while you're car pooling.
Blogger World, let's all go out and buy a CD to help spicy up car pooling.

Holy crap a bunch of firefighters just walked through my office! Due to the random cute firefighters, I will now be wrapping up this post. A huge thanks to my friend TC, for the Stupid People idea.


TC said...

Please post pics of cute firefighters.

That would make my day anyway :)

Haha... well stupid people inspire me, why shouldn't they inspire others?

Anonymous said...

How about this instead?????

Stupid people... my office is filled with these!!!
Stupid #1 – One day I received a filing cabinet only to find it was full & I could not use it because it was being stored in my office (And, I was the one who was asked if I would like a filing cabinet. I didn’t know to ask if I could use, & it’s locked so I can’t remove the stuff from it I have tried)
Stupid #2 – One day my boss wanted me to call another company and ask them why their field tickets we were receiving were not in numerical order as if we were their only customer (I had to explain that large companies have lots of field workers and drivers so the field tickets come from different drivers and they will not be in numerical order and they have more customers then just us)
Stupid #3 – One day I was asked to call a company and ask why they mailed us an invoice and then faxed it (I told him no)
Stupid #4 – A lady at the office was asked to move her car because it was dirty and not pleasing to the eye and was bringing down the front of the office
Stupid #5 – My department, accounting has been told we will be performing a dance at this years Xmas party to We Are Family (Our Xmas party is very stuffy and formal, not fun). Why my boss thinks a dance is a good idea is beyond me. If I start dancing maybe I can talk one of my coworkers into doing the dirty dancing dance!!! Top it off right!!!

Sister #1

Renee said...

Does Sister #1 work at The Office??? hummm

and I love People of just never know what's going to turn up there. so glad I don't see any at my walmart though...I would run screaming I think.

so do tell...why the firefighters? :D

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha - firefighters - I'm impressed you even finished typing!

I also breathed a huge sigh of relief when I read that article.

Emily said...

Wait, so are you lumping me in with "Stupid People"?

OK Chick said...

What no! Emily, you are one of the college friends I stalk. Don't worry, you're funny not stupid, and you have a super cute brother-in-law so no you are not stupid.

Sorry, folks no news or pictures on the fire dudes, but they were cute.

Sister #1, your crazy office makes me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

Renee I watched the Office once and it drove me crazy so I don't watch it. And, you know I probably didn't like it because it is similar to my office (never put that together).
Sister glad my crazy place of employment continues to bring you laughter day after day...

Sister #1

Cap'n John said...

Looking at that People of Walmart pic you think, "Did her mother really let her go out like that?" then you realize SHE'S a mother! At least I assume she's a mother. Kind of hard to tell from this side...maybe she's the father o_O

Michelle said...

The Red door is Barry and Lynn Mitchells house, out at Oakdale Meadows, my parents take Coop to hit up the big ones at Halloween!

Amy in Edmond said...

After I retire (which is probably 20+ years away), my assistant principal and I plan to write a book about the stupid people we encounter where we work. If I told about it now, I would probably loose my job.

Anonymous said...

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