Friday, October 2, 2009


Happy Friday! Enjoy....

Yesterday I realized I'm a competitive person. I'm talking real competitive. Yesterday when I was bidding on the airplane tickets something just came over me. I lost all common sense. There was a voice telling me to get the tickets, price was no option, and I would WIN! Can you really win a silent auction? No. See how outrageous this sounds? Luckily, the voice was suddenly quieted by my conscience, which sounds a lot like my mom's voice. This voice was saying- ARE YOU CRAZY, $900, PUT THE PEN DOWN RIGHT NOW!

I still don't know how to fold a fitted sheet. I worked on it last time I wrote Ramblings. I was hoping to have it mastered by the next Ramblings. No improvement.

Do you know why I love small airports? It's because the flight attendants let you walk off the plane and walk onto the runway. There's no tunnel thing. The flight attendants open the door and kick everyone out. It's so cool. The feeling of standing at the top of the airplane stairs is very empowering. I always want to reenact the famous Nixon Move, the double peace sign. Of course, I don't because Sister #1 would completely die of embarrassment.

I have to buy new tires. I don't want to spend my money on new tires. I have nothing else to say about this issue, I just want it noted.

Every year my office gives free flu shots. This year I'll be gone the day the shots are given. I'm debating on how to handle the flu shot situation. I know I need one, but I don't want to pay. Did you know these things are like $25? Why would I pay someone $25 to poke my arm? Do you realize $25 will buy me a shirt at Gap? Well, a shirt on sale.

Sam Bradford, OU Quarterback, is still hurt. I've heard about it all morning, on every radio station. Right now the state of Oklahoma is in morning.

Did you hear about Jon and Kate? The people that have 8 kids? TLC kicked Jon off the show. It's now called Kate Plus 8. Jon is so stupid. I don't think he realized that America used to love him. We did. Does he not remember when everyone hated Kate? America felt sorry for Jon because Kate was so bossy and mean. Now, we think he's dumb and immature and worthless. If he would have played his cards right, he would probably still be on the show. Who knows, we might be watching him on The View, not Kate.

I've been taking allergy medicine all week. I don't like allergy medicine. It makes me feel like I'm walking on a big fluffy cloud. I see why the government restricts allergy medicine.

Blogger World, I'm going to wrap up the Ramblings. It's time for breakfast.


Emily said...

Linds, your observations on Jon&Kate+8 are spot on. Too bad he didn't play his cards right and everyone hates him now (except his 21 year old girlfriend. And now that he's served the show with a cease and desist order, everyone hates him more.

Stacey said...

Did you hear the latest...Jon has shut down production. All of a sudden decided that this wasn't good for his children. Of course it didn't decide this until AFTER his name was removed from the show.

Renee said...

wow! So you ran the price on the tickets up to $900?!?!? You're amazing. I've always thought that instead of auctions though they should just do raffles. With an auction some poor person gets stuck buying the prize for the highest price. Where with a raffle everyone pays the same and all have an equal chance of winning. sounds socialist huh? LOL!

Did you google a video for the folding of the sheets? I'm sure there HAS to be one up there. I know there is a way to make them all nice and neat, but mine just end up in a bundle. Luckily we put them back on the bed quickly.

while getting off the plane is kinda cool, they make me woozy. My ears get all out of balance when I'm on a plane of any size.

ugh on the tires. I feel bad that I just traded my old car with almost new tires in...I want those tires I just paid for back!!!

That stinks that you can't get the free flu shot. I don't do the flu shots, so I don't have any sympathy there...but I do have sympathy for having to buy something you could have gotten for free.

I hope you have a great weekend! I can't wait for the update. :D

Scotty said...

If I can't be on the show, no one can!

d.j. iverson said...

i'm glad to hear someone else can't fold fitted sheets. i've always attributed that to bachelorhood.

and when you buy tires make sure you get free balance/rotation and free flat repair for the life of the tire. anyone charging you for that doesn't need your business.

Bone said...

Yay for Ramblings!!!

I'm competitive, too. Especially at trivia games. And Scrabble. Sometimes I'll count the number of S's on the board to make sure my opponent can't possibly have one so that I don't leave open a triple word score. I mean, what's the point in playing if you're not gonna try to win? Just for fun? Please.

What is it with sisters getting embarrassed so easily? I did the Cabbage Patch at the Bama game the other day. My sister looked at me and said, "Don't ever do that again."

Have a good weekend, OKC.

TC said...

Thank you for finally posting ramblings :)

I was going to say something about being compeitive, too, but then I read Bone's comment and realized that I am not at all competitive.

I hate buying tires. It sucks to spend money on stuff like that. Boo to being a grown-up.

ann said...

You can get a free flu shot at the county health department.

Amy in Edmond said...

I'm up in the air about the flu shot. The Dr. recommended I get one, but I hate to get shots. I'm going to get the Hep B series of 3 shots because of my job as it is.

If you every need tools, just come borrow them from us. We have 2 or 3 of everything if we can find it. I was looking for a staple gun today and couldn't find one that worked. Bill's at the 4-6 grade church retreat so I can't ask him to find it for me. I hate to mess up his "organization".

Bone said...

Oh! You can get a flu shot at our Wal-Mart this week.

Though I prefer to put off having any medical procedures done at Wal-Mart for as long as possible.

OK Chick said...

I ended up getting my flu shot at CVS. It was free, which made me very happy.