Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's not often I'm jealous of someone from the Hollywood scene. To be honest, I think most people in Hollywood are nutcases. I know you agree? But Rachel Zoe, one of my many friends from Bravo World, is someone I might be a tiny bit jealous of; and someone I would maybe want to spend a day in her shoes. Her very expensive shoes. Oh and can I carry one of her purses, and wear one of her necklaces from her personal jewelry collection? I mean, if I could walk around in her shoes for a day.

If you are not familiar with Rachel Zoe let me give you some background info. She's is a stylist for famous peeps, and has her own business in Hollywood. I think it's in Hollywood? Anyway, her show on Bravo is fascinating. Yes, I just said a Bravo show is fascinating. On the show we follow Rachel and her staff as they dress famous people for photo shoots, Oscars, parties, or whenever they want/need new clothes...like Liv Tyler did one episode. Seriously, Liv just came in and picked up new clothes that Rachel had picked out for her. SO COOL!

Last night on the show Rachel Zoe and part of her staff went to Paris for Paris Fashion Week. Confession: I did not even know Paris had a fashion week. So not only does RZ go to Paris for Fashion Week she also sits front row at the shows, shops at really nice stores (where she actually purchases things), and then gives her assistant Brad a raise so he would buy a coat. HELLO! I need a boss that will take me to Paris, let me stay in an awesome hotel, and then give me a raise so I will buy the perfect trench coat! Where can I sign up?

Rachel Zoe, if you are reading my blog, because I just signed up on your website and I know you will be tracking me. I would like to work for you. I'll even work for free...if you take me to Paris next year.


Scotty said...

I recently saw a movie about someone going to the Paris Fashion Week. I forget what it was... but she was the admin for some famous designer or something.

Renee said...

Scotty: I think you saw "The Devil wears Prada"

and I've caught RZ a few times. I have to change it sometimes as it seems that the show is mostly the staff arguing about things. I saw the show where the girl assistant and Brad were arguing about who was going to Paris. sigh

Emily said...

Please do not be jealous of nasty Rachel Zoe. Here is an exact text that I sent a friend about Rachel Zoe: "She is so annoying and self absorbed that I want to hit her in the face. Also, she's a commercial on why not to smoke. She looks like a hag."

Anonymous said...

If you watched General Hospital you'd already know all about Fashion Week in Paris.

And Maxie is way cooler than Rachel Zoe.

Mandy said...

I love Rachel too, she's so OOC!