Thursday, September 3, 2009

When City Folk go to the Country

Blogger World, it has happened. I’ve crossed over to being a full time City Girl. There is no more Country Girl hidden in me. Yesterday, Sister #1, The Parents, and I were in Arkansas for a funeral. It was yesterday when I realized I’m a full time member of the City Girl Club. I’ve become one of those girls that wake up in a farm house and contemplate driving 55 minutes to the nearest Starbucks for Non-fat Chai. I’m one of the girls that have to use Clorox Bleach Wipes to disinfect everything before it is touched by my fingers. Also, I’m one of those girls who do not like bugs, the flying type of bugs, or mice. I’m not a fan of bugs or mice. I’ve turned into the girls from the movie Troop Beverly Hills, and I’ve never been to Beverly Hills!

Yesterday morning, my mom and Sister #1 were at my grandma’s house getting ready for the funeral. As we were getting ready Sister #1 yelled from the living room…Oh my gosh there’s a mouse! Of course, my mom went running in the living room to see the mouse. I was back in the bathroom applying my make-up when Sister #1 let out the cry for help. Instead of being a good sister and running to help, I grab my camera to document this whole situation. I just knew it would be blog worthy, and I didn’t want to get too close the mouse. Gross! I mean, don’t mice carry diseases and stuff? Yup, I needed to keep my distance from the mouse.

After a few minutes of searching my mom and Sister #1 couldn’t find the mouse, so everyone went back to their normal getting ready routine. I had just applied my second coat of mascara when Sister #1 yells….It’s back, the mouse is back! Again, I grab my camera and head to the living room. When I finally made it to the living room I managed to find my crazy-as-all-get-out family trying to killing the little mouse. Here’s what I witnessed when I entered the living room…Sister #1 was equipped with my grandma’s aluminum walking cane. My mom, who was dressed in a t-shirt and slip, was ready with the vacuum cleaner. My dad, who had just walked in the door, was ready for battle with a green ruffled umbrella. Yes, those three superheroes were going to kill this mouse.

Well, despite their awesome weapons they were unsuccessful to catch the mouse. But, they gave me a good laugh and some great pictures that I intended to post on this blog. Sadly, last night, I realized I did not have my memory card in my camera when I took the act shots. All those pictures are just on my camera, not on the memory card; and since I’m technology stupid they will just stay on my camera. I’m sorry. Please just imagine 3 adults trying to kill a mouse with a ruffle umbrella, walking cane, and the vacuum cleaner.

Also, this has nothing to do with this post but food lady just walked in with a cake, brownies, and muffins. This makes day 4 with all the food. I refuse to be sucked into her food trap. I will not eat a piece of cake. I will not eat a muffin, and I WILL NOT HAVE A FREAKIN’ BROWNIE. I WILL NOT!


Cap'n John said...

If you have the USB cable that connects your camera to your PC (& don't just use a Flashcard Reader) you might be able to hook up your Camera to your PC and transfer the pictures over directly.

If you do insert the Memory Card, I'd think that perhaps when you're reviewing your saved Pictures, if there is an Options button it might allow for you to copy (or move) the pictures between the camera and flashcard. Alternatively look for a Memory Management option in the Menu somewhere, and see if you have the option of transferring all the photos stored on the camera onto the flashcard.

What brand & model camera do you have? The manual will be online and we can probably work out how to do this for you.

Renee said...

I think Cap'n gave you good info on getting those pix out of your camera as that's what it takes for both of my cameras (okay the one is DD's!)

Good for you for standing up to the food lady. What? Is the company paying her to destroy everyone's will power? Is she selling these goodies? We need more info...interrogate this woman to find out why she keeps bringing goodies...perhaps she's related to Grannie from Hoodwinked.

and that mouse story is too funny. I hope you get the pictures for it soon. I don't think that country girls would have handled the mouse much better. Time for some traps! personally I break out the Decon!

Amy in Edmond said...

Sounds like the mouse won.

TC said...

Please listen to Cap'n John.

We NEED those photos!

OK Dude said...

I'll be at work Tuesday, so if they baking lady goes crazy, you can bring me some good stuff!

Bone said...

You know that I made a homemade mouse trap a few weeks ago, right? So I could make one of those for you for a nominal fee. Of course, I still haven't caught my mouse. But I haven't seen it since, either.