Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Fashion Thoughts

Blogger World, today is Thursday, in case you haven't had time to look at the calendar. This morning I woke up with my brain going full speed, and this was before the 5:35am aerobics class, and the non-fat Chai. Now, my brain is working so fast I can't keep things straight. So today, I am having Thursday Thoughts, which all have to do with fashion. Hopefully, this will release some of the worthless thoughts floating around.

Today, I'm dressed like it's spring or summer. I hate this time of year...where you want to wear your fall clothes but it's still 90 degrees outside. It's so annoying! I have cute fall clothes, and I want to wear them.

This morning, while getting dressed, my brown belt broke. I should be wearing a belt with these pants, but I only own one brown belt...which is currently in my trash can. Advice for all...own more than one belt. It's good to have a back-up.

Thanks for your support on the off white purse. After reading the comments I feel so educated. Winter White? I had no idea. I should notify my mom on the color Winter White. She needs to be teaching her kindergartners this color. By the way, I've been carrying the purse since Monday.

I discovered a new blog, J&K:What to wear. This couple is super fashionable. Is fashionable even a word? Whatever. This blog is a husband/wife combo that take pictures of their outfits every morning. They look so cute-ALWAYS! At first I said they looked cute because they lived some where in CA, and had cool stores. The other day, I noticed that they live in OKC. This just proves that even if you live a 1,000 miles away from NYC or LA, you should still dress with flare. I highly recommend the blog if you are having problems putting outfits together.

Have you guys ever seen the outfits Lady Gaga wears? Who in their right mind wears this crap? Really, I want you to raise your hand? I mean, Elton John doesn't even look this silly.....

I think on Lady Gaga point, I'm going to wrap up this Thursday Fashion Thoughts.


Renee said...

I'm so glad that you're using and enjoying your purse! :D

good advise on the belt, I probably have a few here you could have. I get outfits with belts and never wear them...although most of them are belts to be worn at the waist, not on the hips.

LB said...

Yay for rockin' the white purse!

My fashion priorities (in order) are as follows:

1) Does it fit?
2) Does it match?
3) Is it appropriate for the occasion?
4) Is it comfortable?
5) Does it look good together? (optional)

Stacey said...

You answered the Lady Gaga question yourself...who in their right mind where's this stuff. She's NOT in her right mind. That chick is WEIRD!

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Not raising my hand for the Lady Gaga outfit, she sure knows how to gain attention, just the negative kind. Sad.

Cap'n John said...

I saw you saying J&K are super fashionable and always look so cute, then I saw the pic and thought, "Cute? In that outfit? Are you kidding?" No, I didn't recognize Lady Gaga, and there's nothing wrong with that :P

OK Chick said...

Cap'n John I totally get what you are saying about J&K. I think are cute, for them. If I tried to wear some of those outfits, I'd look goofy and people would stare. I like to see what they wear everyday...most days I like their outfits and other days I don't. I'm sure this makes no sense, but I understand what I'm saying!

OK Dude said...

Yeah, I think the girl on that website looks cute, but the guy a little weird.

I definitely couldn't wear any of his stuff. I don't look good in v neck t-shirts. All that man hair flowing everywhere out the top would not be good!

TC said...

I don't own a belt.

Of any color.

OK Chick said...

TC- I like the way you roll.

Michelle Rosalyn Matthews said...

I think some people choose their outfits just to gain attention, which is what Lady Gaga does.