Friday, August 28, 2009

The Yogurt Test

I’m not into the organic foods thing. I am into eating healthy. I try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and low fat foods. Even though I do not eat organic, it doesn’t mean I’m totally against the concept. The reason I do not buy organic is because I can’t afford to eat organic. I’m sorry but I’m not paying a dollar more for products because the word Organic is on the label. You guys know I’m too cheap.

Last night I was shopping at Target and on a whim I purchased some Stonyfield Blueberry Organic Yogurt. I had never tried this yogurt, and I’ve always wondered if organic yogurt tastes different. I guess you could say I wanted to compare my normal Light Yoplait to Stonyfield Yogurt.

This morning I tried the new yogurt. The taste of yogurt was good, no complaints. However, when I flipped the back of the container, to view the nutrition, I was shocked. The calories were 20calories more than Yoplait, which is fine. I’ll burn those calories walking to the bathroom. But what shocked me was the amount of sugar. My normal yogurt, Yoplait, has 14 grams of sugar for 6oz of yogurt. This morning I discovered that Stonyfield Yogurt had 20 grams of sugar for 6oz of yogurt. I think both yogurts have too much sugar, but I was shocked the organic yogurt had more sugar. I’m not really for sure why the organic yogurt had more sugar. Anyone care to explain???


Amy in Edmond said...

My mom said it has more sugar to cover up the taste of organic. I'm not sure about that, but organic products are not regulated like our other products are. An organic farmer needs 10 bags of corn seed to plant a field. Only one bag has to be organic to qualify for the whole field to be considered organic even though he only planted one bag of organic seed.

I've seen these fields growing and if everyone grows organic corn we will starve to death, because it doesn't produce as much organically as a conventional field.

People put more chemicals on their lawns than most conventional farmers put on their fields.

Renee said...

We have an organic farm near us and the prices are crazy! apparently it costs a lot to be organic...and most of the price is in the paperwork. :p

I'll stick to growing my own or shopping at the farmer's market.

as for your yogurt, I don't know why it has more sugar...perhaps it is just their recipe.

I hope you had a coupon for it.

Morgandi said...

I've noticed that too...the amount of sugar and calories! That's why I eat the fake stuff. Oh, and the fact that it's cheaper.

Emily said...

Ok, I AM a huge fan of stonyfield farms (for my kids...I am not a huge yogurt fan). I will defend them (but only for yobaby and yokids...because that is all I have used). They have WAY more probiotics in them. Also, the sugar is natural sugars as opposed to whatever is in Spongebob yogurt or Trix yogurt. And for the kids, you can get it with cereal and DHA (healthy amino acid) in it.

Have you ever read Eat This Not That? He says to eat plain or vanilla yogurt and mix fruit in yourself to cut way down on sugar.

See, Lindsy? I am a wealth of information.

OK Chick said...

Renee- I didn't have a coupon, so I paid double for this yogurt.

Emily- You are very useful! I have never hear of Eat This Not This. I will check it out today. Thanks for your info.

Michelle said...

Funny you're posting about my attempt to eat better, I've been eating 1/2 dry sandwich and yogurt with granola at lunch...I dislike yogurt, I make myself eat it, its the only thing I can force myself to eat. I always think I'll develop a taste for it, but I don't know if I will!