Friday, August 21, 2009


I haven’t done Ramblings in awhile. I haven’t done Friday Fun Facts in awhile either. It was toss up on today’s post. Ramblings won.

Do you remember when you were a kid; playing Nintendo and it wouldn’t work? You would take the cartridge out, blow in it and that would magically fix the problem. Everyone knew that trick, but how did we know how to fix the problem? There were no internet or message boards. We just figured it out. Today, if I can’t figure out a problem, I immediately Google the problem to see what millions of other people recommend. Case in point, last week my garage door broke. I Googled the problem, and had the solution in 10 minutes. God Bless Google!

I’m going to start a petition for sarcasm font. I think there is a high demand for the font.

Someone please explain to me how you are supposed to fold a fitted sheet? I don’t know anyone, besides my grandma, who can properly fold a fitted sheet. Mine are just rolled and stored in a cabinet. I’m dead serious. By the way, half my office just crammed into my cub to watch a YouTube video on folding a fitted sheet. Apparently, this is a common mystery.

Why is it when you have a blind date, everyone needs to interrogate or give their opinion on the blind date? For instance, all week I’ve heard the following comments….

So, you ready for the big date?

What do you think he looks like?

You know, my wives’ second cousin’s daughter met her husband on a blind date.

What if he’s Mr. Right?

I have no answers for these questions or comments. But my favorite comment was…what if he’s Mr. Right. I finally started giving the answer; well, start saving up for my registry because it’s going to be a dozy.

I take back all those times I didn’t want to nap as a child.

It’s been one week since my last Starbucks non-fat Chai. I’m into smoothies this week. Starbucks smoothies are WAY overpriced. Shut up, I know their tea/coffee are overpriced as well!

I have a new pet peeve; ignoring email invitations. Blogger World, if you are invited, by email, to an event/activity you need to respond to the email. I don’t care if you will not be there; the invitee needs to know you are not going to attend. You should do this because…it’s polite, and it doesn’t make you look like an A-Hole! Ok Chick’s words of wisdom for the day!

Ok, I think I’m done Rambling. Peace out Blogger World.


Renee said...

good ramblings this week.

I like your comment about your blind date being Mr Right. What stores will you be registering for? ;o)

Isn't this blind date mr nerd? I'm not holding my breath that he'll be mr right for you...I know there's someone out there for him though. although, I know a lot of gals married to engineers, myself included. ;o)

I hope you have a great weekend!

TC said...

I think this is your best ramblings yet.

I love the sarcasm font line. Hilarious.

Also, I wouldn't mind a link to that YouTube video on how to fold a fitted sheet. Mine are in the same condition yours are.

Bone said...

Did you get the fitted sheet and the sarcasm font from an email forward?

OK Chick said...

Bone- The folded sheet comment came from a coworker. He asked me if I knew how to fold a fitted sheet. I said no. We asked another coworker, who didn't know as well.
The sacrasm font idea came when I was trying to email Fried Food Love Who Runs. I didn't think he was getting that I using sacrasm.

What is this email forward you speak of???

Bone said...

Oh, I got a long email forward earlier this week of random things. It mentioned the need for a sarcasm font and how it's impossible to fold a fitted sheet. I'll send it to you.

Stacey said...

I actually know how to fold a fitted sheet. Not sure if it is the "authorized" way, but it looks decent.

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

You crack me up.

OK Dude said...

I use the roll technique too, but then again I roll my towels too.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy fitted sheets at all now, because they drive me crazy too much and look so bad folded up. I'd rather just tuck properly... or not so properly in my case at times. A Queen size bed and one person means you don't have to make a bed properly.

Oh, and I bet it's the girls saying to you about what if this guy is Mr Right. Women are so bad at that. So, so bad.

ann said...

Yeah, I saw an email like this too. Here is a link to it:

Crazy small world, huh? :)