Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meet the blender....

I have a new kitchen gadget! I recently became the proud owner of a blender. I’ve wanted a blender for awhile, but I hated to breakdown and buy one. However, never fear my mom is to the rescue. While I was in Hometown, USA this past weekend my mom donated her blender to me. Sister #2 was not happy about me stealing the blender. She argued that I couldn’t take mom’s blender because she used it to make smoothies. I really felt bad for taking the blender until my mom informed me that Sister #2 has made a total of three smoothies the entire summer. So, due to the lack of action the blender has seen at my parent’s house; the 1970-something blender is now mine! I’m very proud of my new blender. I’ve already made three smoothies this week. Today’s smoothie was A-MAZING! I’m passing on the recipe because I think others would enjoy the tasty treat!
Oh, and I didn’t really measure, I just dumped ingredients. Sorry, I was in a hurry this morning.

OK Chick’s Smoothie
1 Banana (sliced)
2 spoonfuls of reduced-fat Peanut Butter
Skim Milk

Anybody else have smoothie recipes they’d like to pass on to OK Chick? Please, don’t be shy.


Renee said...

that blender looks just like the one we have...donated from MIL when she got her super duper blender/food processor thingy.

Our blender doesn't get much action here either...but it is very nice to have around. Hopefully it will get some use after this growing season to make some yummy squash soups.

Congrats! oh and skip the peanut butter *blech!!!*

Stacey said...

I have that exact same blender! I inherited it from my grandma. ;o)

Scotty said...

My parents have the same one! They never passed it on :(

Peanut butter will make anything better.

LB said...

I am obsessed with smoothies because the combinations are endless. I love strawberry and blackberry. If you put some kind of fruit juice or yogurt or ice cream at the bottom and layer it with fruit, honey, and ice, it works our perfectly everytime.

I also love making soup in my blender. Cook your favorite sliced veggies in chicken stock for 30min-an hour, puree in blender (holding a towel over the lid bc it will be HOT) with a little more broth if you need to, and it's super delish!

OK Chick said...

HONEY! I meant to put honey in my smoothie this morning. Good call LB!

I agree with Scotty, PB makes everything better...apples, toast, bagels, brownies, granola, and my favorite just eating it out of the jar.

monamachel1 said...

My smoothies are very simple...
One banana
Four strawberries
Handful of blueberries
Soy Milk


Cap'n John said...

We got a blender as a wedding gift (practically compulsory, I believe) except I think it was a cheap one because when I tried making a smoothie with ice cubes, instead of the blades crushing the ice the little spinner thingy on the blender that turns the thingy underneath the jug (which turns the blades inside the jug) sheered off. We never got a new blender.

Suzanne said...

We make smoothies a lot... Here's one trick for you! When your bananas are ripe, freeze them then you don't need ice! It makes the smoothie much more flavorful! I peel them, halve them and store them in a freezer bag. I add some strawberries, blueberries, skim milk and a little splash of oj! YUM!!!

OK Chick said...

Thanks guys! These are great suggestions.

TC said...

Make that blender avocado green and it's mine. Which I got from my Mom a couple years ago. She got it when she and my Dad got married. Yay for blenders that are over 30 years old!

(Nevermind that to get it to do well with ice I have to use a hammer on the ice first. Margaritas take awhile!)

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

Are you sure it is safe for you to own a blender after the iron incident?