Tuesday, August 4, 2009

JKLM Dinner

Last night I had dinner with The Roommate, The Roommate’s Husband, and MrT. As I was scurrying around in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on dinner, The Roommate noticed a Hula Hoop against the living room wall. This summer I have rediscovered the Hula Hoop. When The Cousin was in town, earlier this summer, Sister #1, The Cousin, and I taught her son to Hula Hoop. After a weekend of Hula Hoop lessons, I realized the Hula Hoop had done a number on my abs. So this summer I have been Hula Hooping while watching TV. Sure, I might look goofy, but no one will be laughing when I have rock hard abs!

The Roommate picked up my Hula Hoop to show us her Hula Hooping skills, which are very little. However, it did give us a good laugh. I would love to describe to you The Roommate’s Hula Hooping method, so you could get a laugh but it’s beyond words. After The Roommate failed at Hula Hooping, MrT decided he would take a crack at the childhood toy. Folks, MrT’s Hula Hooping about made me wet my pants. It was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed! His body did this hip thrusting convulsion thing that made the Hula Hoop turn in record speed. Then he started walking around the living room, while Hula Hooping, telling us he and his cousin used to Hula Hoop all the time. He said they would walk up and down the street while Hula Hooping. I made the comment that they had to be the coolest kids on the block. But with all that said, MrT did manage to keep the Hula Hoop going so I guess he is in fact- a Hula Hooper. Of course, no one could compare to my mad Hula Hooping skills. All the summer practice has done wonders for me because I was the best Hula Hooper out of the group. It was a proud moment for me!

I’m sure when I started this post it had some grand point, but right now I can’t think of the point I was trying to make. Soooo I guess now, I just want it noted that I can Hula Hoop better than my friends!


Cap'n John said...

The Wii-Fit has a Hula Hoop exercise where you do a hula motion in one direction for about 2 minutes (IIRC), during which two Miis on either side of the screen periodically throw in Hula Hoops. You then have to shift your body weight to the correct side of the Balance Board so your own Mii leans over to catch the Hula Hoop. Once you've caught and have (I think) 7 Hoops spinning around your waist the Miis stop throwing them and you can concentrate on Hulaing (is that even a word?) until the time runs out.

Then it repeats and you're asked to Hula in the opposite direction. I've got messed up knees (kept playing football long after I should have retired) and I discovered that while I can Hula in one direction, when I try to Hula the opposite way it just kills my right knee.

Now I just do the Wii Boxing...sometimes...but not as often as I should.

Renee said...

DD has some MAD hula hooping skills! they had a contest once and in order to get her to stop they had to get her to start jumping on one foot while hooping. I used to be that good, but I'm way out of practice.

I should try that some to see if I can get into shape. killer abs would be great.

Ally said...

Sounds like much more fun than crunches!