Monday, July 6, 2009

No boss, no clock, no stress, no dress code

Due to the fact that I'm too lazy to do a Weekend Update, I thought a couple highlights would be just as good. Enjoy!

1. I experienced my first Turkey Burger, and it was yummy. You guys know I’m all about low fat stuff. I’m so into low fat stuff that I usually over look the fact that it taste like crap. However, Sister #1 made some fabulous Turkey Burgers! I think I’ve been converted to a Turkey Burger lover.
2. I attended 4 aerobics classes in one day. I’m sure to you this is idiotic and boarder line crazy, but to me it was loads of fun and great!
3. I went to the movies by myself. Oh wait it gets better. I went to see Hannah Montana- The Movie by myself. The positive part to this loser moment, is the movie guy let me in the theater for free. At first I thought this act of kindness was because of my good looks. Then I remembered I was a 28 year old watching a kid movie, by myself. I am now giving you permission to judge me.
4. Sister #1 and I volunteered at our town’s 4th of July festival. It was fun until a huge thunderstorm blew through with 50 mph winds, thunder/lighting, and rain. A security guard mentioned tornados and the place cleared in 30 seconds! Lord Gary would have been proud.
5. My family had birthday lunch for my mom. It was an excellent lunch!


Renee said...

Turkey burgers are good, but can be dry. I should try to get them into my diet again. (not dieting, just to add them in)

wow! That is a lot of aerobics! I need you to come here and whip me back into shape...please?

ugh My dd doesn't even want to see that movie. she's not into all that junk. I hope you enjoyed it though...sometimes ya just gotta go see a movie.

sounds like a crazy 4th, glad you were all safe. we had so much rain that I was worried that we wouldn't get our fireworks...but we did.

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Stacey said...

Yeah, I'm glad you liked the turkey burgers. I told you they were good.

How was the movie? I actually want to see it...I've added it to Netflix. ;o)

Scotty said...

4 aerobics classes in one day
Hmmm... why?

I go to the movies by myself all the time :)

Amy in Edmond said...

I loved the Hannah Montana movie. I was dreading that I had to take Jemma with her friends and their moms, but all us moms were crying when it was over.

Feel free to take my kids if you ever want to go to a kids flick.

Bone said...

I eat turkey dogs, but I've never had a turkey burger.

Wow, the Hannah Montana movie by yourself. You've reached a new level, OKC. You've given us all something to shoot for.

OK Chick said...

Renee- The movie isn't too girlie, it's cute. DD might enjoy it.

Scotty- Because I like to work out. I enjoy going to aerobics.

Amy- I'll keep that in mind. I wouldn't mind seeing UP. I've heard good things.

Bone- Turkey Dogs are good. I've had those as well.

Ally said...

Hmmm.....some of the classes at my gym are so hard, there's no way I could go to four. No matter how many cupcakes/sugar I consumed.

Ever eat bison burgers? Those are yummy too.

Anonymous said...

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