Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week Review

This week has been interesting, and it’s only Thursday! Let me recap the craziness from this week….

Event: Friday night my dad inquired two tomato plants. All weekend my parents were on my case to plant the stupid plants. After a day of work, mowing my yard, and an aerobics class I realize I should plant the tomato plants.
Problem: I didn’t have potting soil, and I just got home from aerobics which is very close to Lowe’s.
Solution: I went to Lowe’s to buy potting soil.

Event: Get home from work and notice the toilet sounded funny; I went to my bathroom to check out the situation.
Problem: The Great Bathroom Flood- Toilet Overflowing
Solution: Plunge, plunge, plunge, GAG, plunge, plunge, call mom to say adulthood sucks. After all the plunging I finally decide the toilet is good enough to sit until a plumber can come inspect.

Event: I water my new tomato plants.
Problem: I forgot to turn off the water, because the toilet was overflowing, and I flood my tomato plants.
Solution: I turn the water off, and then become angry that I spent $14.99 on Miracle Grow Potting Soil to plant the stupid things!

Event: The last Relay for Life meeting.
Problem: I seem to be having water problems- flooding plants and The Great Bathroom Flood.
Solution: I call the Committee Chair and tell her I’m having toilet problems. Oh no, that was not embarrassing at all!

Event: 5AM time to get up for work, head to the bathroom to take a shower.
Problem: Step on wet carpet. I quickly discover bathroom is flooded and the water has leaked into the bedroom.
Solution: I scream every cuss word under the sun, and then begin scooping toilet water from the toilet. I was hoping this would prevent anymore flooding.

Event: Plumber visits me.
Problem: Well, this really wasn’t a problem, more of a blessing!
Solution: $119 later, my toilet is fixed!

Yup, that’s my week in a nutshell! Ok Chick’s world is never boring!


Stacey said...

Don't worry, I didn't tell anyone you were having toilet problems. ;o)

Cap'n John said...

Probably a little late for you now, but there should be a small tap on the wall behind the toilet seat with a hose leading up into the cistern. Turn that off next time your toilet is leaking/overflowing to save the carpet.

Renee said...

First I'm so sorry you had such a bummer start to your week.

I was going to tell you the same thing that Cap'n John said. I'm wondering what the final diagnosis was on the toilet. I'm betting that $100 of that fee was just to get the plumber out there. Hugs!

I should have posted pictures of me fixing my toilet on my blog and start running a do it yourself class for gals. The only part I couldn't do is to actually replace the toilet itself...and that's just because I can't lift the sucker!

Oh and I agree with Stacey, toilet problems are nothing to be ashamed of. This of course is from the gal who's great-great grandfather invented the float valve! ;)

TC said...

I would have started cussing well before you did.

Bone said...

What was the problem with the toilet? I'm sort of developing a talent for fixing these things.

Do you really like tomatoes that much?

Amy in Edmond said...

We had a sink that wouldn't drain. It amazes me how much plummbers make and how little time it take them to fix things.